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Last update date April 13, 2020

We can inquire of storage area about bicycle, motorcycle moved to with anti-crime program registration number, mark number (number plate).
Please refer to each storage area on the telephone.
※Neighboring maps are displayed when we click the storage area name.

List of storage areas

The ward name


The location


Moving target station

Tsurumi Ward Kishiya Namamugi storage area 1-2, Kishiya, Tsurumi-ku 574-1627 JR Tsurumi Station, Keikyu-Tsurumi Station, Tsurumi-Ichiba Station, Yako Station, Shitte Station, Namamugi Station
Kanagawa Ward Takaramachi storage area 2, Takaracho, Kanagawa-ku frontage 441-7647 Shin-Koyasu Station, Higashi-Kanagawa Station, Koyasu Station, Kanagawa-Shimmachi Station, Nakakido Station, Oguchi Station, Tammachi Station, Higashi-Hakuraku Station, Hakuraku Station, Katakuracho Station, Mitsuzawa-Kamicho Station, Mitsuzawa-Shimocho Station
Kanagawa Ward Cotton harbor storage area 2-1, Hashimotocho, Kanagawa-ku frontage 451-5244 Yokohama Station (West Exit)
Nishi Ward Midoricho storage area 4-1, Minatomirai, Nishi-ku 451-1688 Yokohama Station (East Exit), Takashimacho Station, Shin-Takashima Station, Minatomirai Station, Tobe Station, Nishi-Yokohama Station, Hiranumabashi Station
Naka Ward Kamomecho storage area 72-1, Kamomecho, Naka-ku 623-9137 Kannai Station, Municipal Subway Kannai Sta. (we include around Isezaki-Chojamachi Station), Ishikawacho Station, Yamate Station, Motomachi Chinatown Station, Bashamichi Station
Naka Ward Shinyamashita storage area 3-4, Shinyamashita, Naka-ku frontage 624-2344 Sakuragicho Station, Hinodecho Station
Minami Ward Minamiota storage area 2-1-15, Minamiota, Minami-ku 731-5877 Koganecho Station, Minami-Ota Station, Idogaya Station, Maita Station, Bandobashi Station, Yoshinocho Station
Konan Ward Hino storage area 5-1, Hino, Kounan-ku 845-9207 Konandai Station, Konan-Chuo Station, Kami-Nagaya Station, Shimo-Nagaya Station, Gumyoji Station, subway Gumyoji Station
Hodogaya Ward Imaimachi storage area 385, Imaicho, Hodogaya-ku frontage 352-0080 Hodogaya Station, Tennocho Station, Hoshikawa Station, Wadamachi Station, Kami-Hoshikawa Station, Nishiya Station, Hazawa Yokohama National Univ. Station
Asahi Ward Honmuracho storage area 28, Honmuracho, Asahi-ku 364-6973 Tsurugamine Station, Futamatagawa Station, Kibogaoka Station, Minami-Makigahara Station
Isogo Ward Isogo storage area 1-1, Mori, Isogo-ku frontage 751-9366 Negishi Station, Isogo Station, Shin-Sugita Station, Yokodai Station, Sugita Station
Isogo Ward Byobugaura storage area 2-24, Mori, Isogo-ku frontage 752-4683 Byobugaura Station, Kami-Ooka Station
Kanazawa Ward Torihama-cho storage area 1-4, Torihamacho, Kanazawa-ku 776-1910 Kanazawa-Bunko Station
Kanazawa Ward Teramae storage area 2-361, Teramae, Kanazawa-ku 788-6288 Kanazawa-Hakkei Station, Mutsuura Station, Keikyu-Tomioka Station, Nokendai Station
Kohoku Ward Hayabuchi Kohoku storage area 1-16-65, Hayabuchi, Tsuzuki-ku 593-6553 Kishine-Koen Station, Kozukue Station, Shin-Yokohama Station, Nippa Station, Hiyoshi Station, Tsunashima Station, Hiyoshi-Honcho Station, Okurayama Station, Kikuna Station, Myorenji Station, Takada Station
Midori Ward Kirigaoka storage area 6-21, Kirigaoka, Midori-ku


Kamoi Station, Nakayama Station, Tokaichiba Station, Nagatsuta Station
Aoba Ward Shimoyamotocho storage area 37, Shimoyamotocho, Aoba-ku 971-5280 Tama-Plaza Station, Azamino Station, Eda Station, Ichigao Station, Fujigaoka Station, Aobadai Station, Onda Station, Kodomonokuni Station, Tana Station
Tsuzuki Ward   Centerminami storage area 4-8, Edahigashi, Tsuzuki-ku 941-6123 Nakagawa Station, Center-Kita Station, Center-Minami Station, Nakamachidai Station, Kita-Yamada Station, Higashi-Yamata Station, Tsuzuki-Fureainooka Station, Kawawacho Station
Totsuka Ward Shimokuratacho storage area 296, Shimokuratacho, Totsuka-ku point 861-4359 Totsuka Station (East Exit), Maioka Station
Totsuka Ward Hiratocho storage area 730, Hiradocho, Totsuka-ku point 824-9897 Totsuka Station (West Exit), Higashi-Totsuka Station
Sakae Ward Nagaodai storage area 499, Nagaodaicho, Sakae-ku


Ofuna Station, Hongodai Station
Izumi Ward Izumi-cho storage area Izumi, Izumi-ku center north 4-24-45 803-1987 Ryokuen-Toshi Station, Yayoidai Station, Izumino Station, Izumi-Chuo Station, Tateba Station, Nakada Station, Odoriba Station, Yumegaoka Station, Shimo-Iida Station
Seya Ward Akuwanishi storage area 3-38-18, Akuwanishi, Seya-ku 365-5648 Mitsukyo Station, Seya Station

About inquiry of bicycle, motorcycle moved to

We can inquire of storage area about bicycle, motorcycle moved to with anti-crime program registration number, mark number (number plate).
Please refer to each storage area on the telephone.

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