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Road safety of two-wheeled vehicle

Last update date February 18, 2020

To all of you driving two-wheeled vehicle

Person of 46% of city traffic death ghosts dies in accident during two-wheeled vehicle ride. (than traffic accident statistics of 2019)
Of these, 60% or more are accidents by two small size that is with 125cc or less of and moped vehicle.
Of every day such as commuting or attending school danger "to be used", and to control hides behind simply because is immediate.
The situation is always different at usual intersection.
Let's keep safe driving in mind for a space at feeling and time!

Wanting you to be careful in particular

Intersection passing

Keep stop and going slowly, well safe confirmation!

Right turn X going straight

Does two-wheeled vehicle come out of shadow of vehicle?
Is oncoming car fast than we thought?

Independent accident

We are careful about slippery road surfaces such as speeding or rain!

Downloading of flyer

Announcement of class

Class hosted by the Kanagawa Police

We can see holding information of two-wheeled vehicle safe driving class hosted by the Kanagawa Police.

The two-wheeled vehicle spread safe class hosted by association

We can see holding information of riding school "good rider meeting" performed in Kanagawa.

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