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Environmental data, material

It is collection of links to various data about environment of Yokohama-shi.

Last update date September 26, 2019

Thing about the atmosphere, the quality of the water, the soil

We measure data about environment including the atmosphere, the quality of the water, traffic noise.

We offer observation results such as findings of harmful air pollution material by environmental science research institute or water level under the ground.

We publish findings of dioxin.

We calculate greenhouse gas discharge in the degree city every year.

We offer the ground information (bowling information) of Yokohama.

We introduce bench mark surveying data.

Thing about tree planting, living thing

We offer basic data about city park.

Citizen's all of you take a walk and are list of appointed places of "Shimin-no-Mori" becoming citizen's oasis.

It is list of appointed places of "forest of contact" to become oasis of contact in small green tract of land of city area.

It is findings about river by environmental science research institute and green environment.

Approach and the current situation of Yokohama-shi

We gather up about the approach situation of the environmental current situation of Yokohama-shi and environmental measure, business.

It is count of pollution complaint put to Yokohama-shi.

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Telephone: 045-671-2495

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