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"Forest of contact" designated list

Last update date February 20, 2020

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Forest-designated list of contact
The ward nameNameAreaPlaceThe opening of the park date
SpringForest of Nakata contact0.8ha2, Nakatahigashi, Izumi-kuJuly 28, 1990
TsurumiForest of Higashiterao contact1.8ha1, Higashiterao, Tsurumi-kuMarch 4, 1990
AsahiForest of Shirane contact1.6ha5, Shirane, Asahi-kuOctober 13, 1992
SpringForest contact forest of spring1.2ha3, Nakatakita, Izumi-ku, 4, NakatahigashiMay 16, 1992
GreenForest of Ueyama contact1.3ha2, Kamiyama, Midori-kuOctober 30, 1994
SeyaHigashiyama contact forest1.8ha2, Miyazawa, Seya-kuNovember 13, 1994
SeyaMiyazawa Fureaijurin2.4ha1, Miyazawa, Seya-kuNovember 13, 1994


Forest of Ichizawa contact


Ichizawacho, Asahi-ku

April 22, 1995

Green leavesForest of Moegino contact1.4haMoegino, Aoba-kuAugust 1, 1998
HodogayaForest of boundary tree contact0.8haSakaigihoncho, Hodogaya-kuMay 24, 1997
AsahiForest of Tsurugamine contact1.5ha1, Tsurugamine, Asahi-ku

September 12, 1998

SpringForest of carp ke Kubo contact1.4ha1, Nakataminami, Izumi-kuDecember 10, 1995
TsurumiForest of turnip and mound contact1.2ha3, Komaoka, Tsurumi-kuJune 13, 1999
TozukaForest of Kamiyabe contact1.3haKamiyabecho, Totsuka-kuNovember 30, 1997
In total (14)19.2haNoneNone

(as of April 1, 2019)

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Northern greenery office: 045-353-1166 (main) <Tsurumi, Hodogaya, Asahi, green, Aoba Ward>
Southern greenery office: 045-831-8484 (main) <Tozuka, spring, Seya Ward>

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