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Tsuzuki library Twitter

On November 6, 2019, we established Twitter of Tsuzuki, Yokohama-shi library. We tell about various information including event information of Tsuzuki library. I would like follow by all means!

Last update date November 7, 2019

Operational policy

Tsuzuki library Twitter operation policy
Account name @LibTsuzuki (Tsuzuki, Yokohama-shi library)
Account URL (the outside site)
Dispatch contents

We provide information about event and information to possess about Tsuzuki, Yokohama-shi library.

  • Closing information
  • Usage guidance
  • Event information
  • Introduction of possession material
  • Reference information
  • Administration information
Operation administrator Chief Librarian Tsuzuki
Sender The Tsuzuki library staff
Having follow or not As a general rule, we do not perform.
Having reply (reply) or not As a general rule, we do not perform.
The use start date November 6, 2019

Reading method

We can read contents (tweet) which we sent in the next site. (the outside site)

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Board of Education Secretariat Tsuzuki library

Telephone: 045-948-2424

Telephone: 045-948-2424

Fax: 045-948-2432

E-Mail address [email protected]

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