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About consideration to human rights in conjunction with new coronavirus infectious disease

Last update date January 25, 2021

Human rights enlightenment advertising poster poster design which affects new coronavirus infectious disease
Design: Yokohama Digital Arts technical school synthesis design course Aya Kiguchi

To citizen's all of you

Let's get rid of discrimination and prejudice, heartless behavior!

 Including various places and the family who were infected by anxiety and fear to infection while the city infection of new coronavirus infectious disease spread medical personnel,
For foreigners living in our country, company and facility, various places of store that, also, support our daily life, prejudice come,
Discrimination and slander slander are accomplished. Moreover, vicious note on the Internet, heartless behavior are founded.
 Even if symptom that infection is doubted when these occur successively comes out, in correct action career to consultation and public health center for inspection reporting of close contact
Hesitating person appears, and fear that trouble is reflected on prevention of infection spread appears.
 Discrimination and slander slander are what is never permitted and hope that we do not do such a heartless behavior.
 In addition, act that criticize infected person, and identify, placing personal information in Internet, SNS, these information without any reason
We hope that we do not need to diffuse.

Calm correspondence based on right knowledge!

 A great variety of information is placed, but, about new coronavirus infectious disease, may be different from uncertain information and fact in various mediums among them.
 Based on right information that public institutions of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare or Motoichi provide, we ask you to take calm action that considered human rights without being confused by such an information.

Action to understand position of partner, and to be considerate of!

 New coronavirus infectious disease is disease that can infect anyone. Even if it may feel anxiety and fear to virus not to look like eyes, it has mind that we each one is considerate of each other, and it is important we assist each other, and to live a life.
 Partner whom you should confront is virus and is not people.
 We will perform that we can do it by each viewpoint now!

Information for human rights consultation counter

The Ministry of Justice protection of human rights station human rights consultation

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To 2021 3⽉26⽇ (⾦ day ⽇)

The video seeing and hearing (we link to YouTube Yokohama-shi formula channel)

About new coronavirus infectious disease

About consideration to human rights in conjunction with new coronavirus infectious disease

About information about new coronavirus infectious disease (Yokohama-shi special page)

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