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Last update date July 18, 2019


We paid our attention to way of thinking called creation city (creative city) that that the West architecture and modern architecture to introduce history at the time of the opening of a port into in now disappeared in the downtown area seaside part little by little in Yokohama-shi, and vacant rooms rates of office building increased, and vitality escaped from the lost situation on both sides of culture, economy and regained charm of city again.
We make use of originality of culture art and aim at developing continuously as "chosen city" from town, home and abroad that can be proud of soft measure such as "culture art promotion" and "economic promotion" and hard measures such as "town development" for approach, citizen integrally.

Basic policy

Development of creation neighborhood that 1 a variety of main constituents lead

Anyone enjoy on foot, and we touch a certain (we cry only in Yokohama) unit-related various advertising production activities and community, and originality aims at development of stimulated neighborhood.

Upbringing, support of 2 artist creators and next-generation upbringing

We fix base that a certain talent artist creator can work on production and promote environment creation flapping in the world from Yokohama and develop approach to bring up rich originality and sensitivity of children carrying the future of Yokohama.

3 creative industrial promotion

We promote creative collaboration with human resources and company, area including artist creator whom we accumulated, and tie to creative industrial promotion and create new business opportunity.

Realization of Triennale spreading through 4 towns

We contribute to the spiritually rich social formation to receive variety as international exhibition of modern art on behalf of our country and, including creation neighborhood base, we wait in power of town only in Yokohama and the thing holding all in one body and create characteristics altogether in public holidays and festival days and, as leading project of creation city measure, connect with town development.

Dispatch and interchange to home and abroad of 5 creation city Yokohama

We send advanced approach of creation city Yokohama and approach peculiar to Yokohama to home and abroad and keep network which we cultivated in East Asia culture city alive and aim at hub city of culture art that artist creators gather from the world around Asia.



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