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Tortoise Taro collection

Last update date February 18, 2019

Illustration of tortoise Taro

Image of former tortoise TaroImage of former Kanagawa Ward mascot character tortoise Taro

When tortoise Taro was born in 1983 (Showa 58), it was figure which was nearer tortoise than now.
We renew in the present figure afterwards in 2007 (Heisei 19).
It became current tortoise Taro family.

Is old tortoise Taro hiding somewhere now?
It is where or will look for!

Costume of tortoise Taro

Tortoise Taro who plays an active part in festivals.
There are costume type that is bulky to tortoise Taro appearing before all and two kinds of soft balloon types.
When we meet next, which figure is it?

Costume of tortoise Taro
Costume type to know

Tortoise Taro of balloon type
It is slightly rare (?) Balloon type

※At Kanagawa Ward government office, we perform business trip (rental) of tortoise Taro.
Please confirm the details from link page.

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