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Tortoise Taro became the 266th place by mascot Grand Prix 2016

Last update date February 13, 2019

Result of "mascot Grand Prix 2016" that Kanagawa Ward mascot character "tortoise Taro" made entry was announced.
More than the 296th place of "mascot Grand Prix 2015" that was active for password, and raised "one vote of tortoise Taro a day", and was Taro, but was the 266th place (among local characters the 164th place) and record-high order of 1421 entry - characters who did turned out.

All of you who had support, thank you very much.
Please call from now on if you see tortoise Taro in case such as events.

As Kanagawa Ward mascot character "tortoise Taro" performs rental of costume for local events, please refer by all means.

■From URL following as for the details about rental of costume

■Mascot Grand Prix 2016 official homepage (to page of mascot Grand Prix) (the outside site)
■Page (to page of mascot Grand Prix) of mascot Grand Prix 2016 tortoise Taro (the outside site)

Kanagawa Ward mascot character "tortoise Taro"

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