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Activity record (1) of tortoise Taro

Last update date March 22, 2019






Activity record of tortoise Taro

The staff volunteer made Christmas clothes of tortoise Taro and, on December 22, December 24, strolled in inhabitant of a ward hall in the first floor of the ward office and Tammachi park at time of lunch break for three days of December 25.
We touch with friend of one cup of spirit even in the cold, and chew, and Taro is happy, too ♪ We did in this.

We take a ceremonial photograph with friend in Sorimachi Park!

We had you gather toward the lot

We take a ceremonial photograph in inhabitant of a ward hall

Tortoise Taro and the staff volunteer of Kanagawa Ward government office went for support of Yokohama marathon carried out on March 15.
Tortoise Taro got spirit from runners to run through in the cold, too.

Image 1 of Yokohama marathon

Image 2 of Yokohama marathon

Cheering party by ward office volunteer

On March 31, tortoise Taro strolled in Sorimachi Park of cherry tree full bloom.
In Sorimachi Park, "flower of Kanagawa Ward" tulip is in full glory other than cherry tree♪
The staff of Kanagawa engineering works office put one on this tulip last year each.

Flower tulip and tortoise Taro of ward

Cherry tree and tortoise Taro

Tortoise Taro who does cherry blossom viewing

Tortoise Taro who is surrounded by yellow tulips

Tortoise Taro who is surrounded by red tulips

Tulip and tortoise Taro of Sorimachi Park

Tortoise Taro participated in mall professional wrestling carried out at Rokukakubashi mall on August 1.
Tortoise Taro who receives introduction of host among full spectators, and is going to go up to ring.
Unfortunately tortoise Taro of big body was not able to pass through rope of ring.

Tortoise Taro who participates in mall professional wrestling

Tortoise Taro who is going to enter ring of professional wrestling

Tortoise Taro who entered ring of professional wrestling

We participated in facility exhibition of Yokohama-shi environmental science research institute where tortoise Taro moved in Kanagawa Ward this year on August 2.
"We met, and mascot character "Yokohama green up leaf ppi" of Yokohama green up arrived character of park protection society that came to venue pop".
We carried out corner of experience made with key ring using thinnings in Kanagawa Ward.

Meet; is leaf ppitokame Taro pop

Photograph of experience made with key ring

State of experience made with key ring

Photograph of children who made key ring

On May 23, tortoise Taro appeared in program broadcast corner "hozumingu" of radio program "E-ne! - good for you ..." of FM Yokohama.
About Taro Urashima legend of Kanagawa Ward and business of the 90th anniversary, we were able to publicize with Hozumi a lot.

Photograph that tortoise Taro participates in broadcast

Photograph which tortoise Taro and Hozumi relay

Of the 90th anniversary of the constituency system performed in Sorimachi Park on Saturday, November 4; "chewed, and Taro health rose, and participated in opening ceremony of walk".
At unveiling ceremony of guidance signboard, we unveiled with Chairperson Mitsuru Ito of association of Kanagawa Ward Neighborhood Associations Neighborhood Association communication meeting, Mayor of Tomomi Ninomiya, primary and secondary student three in ward.
On seeing cheerful a participant who walked to Mitsuzawa Park, tortoise Taro got many spirit, too♪

Tortoise Taro who unveils guidance panel

Group photo of opening ceremony

Tortoise Taro to see preparations exercises

Tortoise Taro who sees off of participant

Tortoise Taro who feels autumn

In Kanagawa inhabitant of a ward DAY performed in NHK SPRING Mitsuzawa gridiron on June 3, we went for support of Yokohama FC♪
On the day hot fight with Tokyo Verdy was developed while inhabitant of a ward for free invitation was carried out, and many supporters who wore clothes of HAMABLUE color watched!
We went round pitches with the free-maru and others and, in halftime, were able to touch with player and supporters♪
Result was draw, but, in figure which supporter became one, and fought against player, bit, and, as for Taro, heart flared up♪

Photograph of entrance of players

Group photo

The group photo second piece

Mascot group photo

The mascot group photo second piece

Offer: Yokohama FC (three pieces)

By class to say to know mascot character of Kanagawa Ward on Thursday, June 28, all of Aoki elementary school Class 3 of the fourth grade came to ward office♪
Relations with Urashima legend and tortoise Taro concerning Kanagawa Ward? How old is tortoise Taro? How many families is it? nadonado, many questions were sent and were able to participate in class with all of a lot of spirit happily♪

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