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Profile of tortoise Taro

Last update date February 13, 2019


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Kanagawa Ward mascot character tortoise Taro

Profile of tortoise Taro
The nameTortoise Taro
BirthdayOctober 1, 1983
HeightIs it cabbage? For ball (secret)
The weightIs it cabbage? For ball (secret)
Special abilityProduct rukoto live long with cabbage dishes
CharacterLeisurely character (as tortoise…)
Favorite foodFresh vegetables of product in ward
Fishery products (to page of Economic Affairs Bureau) which are sold in the Central Wholesale Market
Favorite thingWatching soccer
Visiting malls
We are livingKanagawa Ward government office
(when there is house of tortoise Taro somewhere in Kanagawa Ward government office, it is said to be)
Place that there is wellMitsuzawa Park (to page of Environmental Planning Bureau)
Place of "my town Kanagawa best"
Place of Tokaido Kanagawa accommodation connection

Kanagawa Ward mascot character tortoise Taro

In fact, chew; Taro in Kanagawa Ward wife and two children (hiki!) We live on three generations of, and parents peacefully.
We publicize ward besides work and child care♪

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