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Public comment of Yokohama-shi

Last update date February 5, 2020

With public comment in Yokohama-shi

With public comment in Yokohama-shi, we obligate development such as plans and widely citizen's all of the cities based on conduct summary and, in the processes such as establishments such as the regulations to limit right, announce widely at stage of plan and say procedure making decision as conduct engine in consideration of opinion from citizen's or opinion that demands suggestion, and clarifies way of thinking of conduct engine for opinions submitted to, and is useful.

Object of public comment

When we perform important basic plan of long term project or other cities of city to fix for 1 summary separate table, development such as guidelines or revision
When 2 is wide and obligates citizen's all of you and performs establishment of regulations or other systems to limit right or reorganization

Flow of public comment procedure

We make plans such as 1 plans
Notice of 2 public comment conduct
  Conduct is announced previously by public information Yokohama, city homepage and press release
Public announcement of plans such as 3 plans and related material
 (1) We distribute in jurisdiction section such as plans, citizen's information center, ward office Public Relations Section or read
 (2) Publication to city homepage
We raise opinion from 4 citizens or suggestion
 (1) Offer periods such as opinions: Reckon from the start date of opinion offer; and more than 30 days
 (2) Submission methods such as opinions: We send to jurisdiction section by mail, facsimile, E-mail or bring directly
Public announcement of decision, conduct results such as plans in consideration of opinions submitted 5 to
 (1) Public announcement method of conduct result
  Oh, we distribute in jurisdiction section such as plans, citizen's information center, ward office Public Relations Section or we are read
  Publication to i city homepage
 (2) Public announcement contents of conduct result
  Oh, opinions that it was submitted to
  Way of thinking of conduct organization for i opinions
   (reasons not to adopt reason that adopts opinions, and revised plan, opinion)


State of implementation

Opinion offer system except public comment procedure

  • "Opinion open call for participants procedure to affect rules" (General Affairs Bureau legislation section)
    When establish rules, examination standard, disposal standard or administrative advice guideline, and revise or is going to abolish, make the plan and related information public beforehand, is procedure for opinion from widely citizen's and other people concerned
  • Opinion offer to affect "prior evaluation of public works project" (Finance Bureau public facilities, business adjustment section)
    Improve transparency of business still more by announcing the need or effect of business before starting public works project, and gathering opinions from citizen's all of you, and emphasis of business promotes making, Motoichi's original system for the purpose of thing carrying out effectively effective with limited resources
  • Other opinion offers (each ward station)
    We show plan or schedule, and, among opinion offers not to correspond to two cases mentioned above, each ward, station does targeting at all citizens and recruits opinions for opinion for that

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