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The public information Yokohama (city version) latest issue

We publish the latest issue of page for city of public information Yokohama.

Last update date March 1, 2021

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Public information Yokohama March, 2021 issue

PDF version

Text version

About article correction about public information Yokohama March issue "new model coronavirus vaccination"

 About new coronavirus vaccination publishing in March issue for public information Yokohama city as of March 1,
On the basis of vaccine supply schedule shown by country, we were changed as follows.

<reference> About vaccine supply to Motoichi
 Kanagawa is coordinating about supply to Yokohama-shi of vaccine made in original Pfizer Corporation now in April,
It is expected that it becomes quantity that is very fewer than the number of the eligible people of Motoichi (the number of elderly people 65 years or older: about 930,000).
[start time of vaccination]
(before change) After April, 2021, we are going to start vaccination at elderly person (person becoming 65 years or older by the end of 2021) sequentially.
(after the change) Vaccination of Yokohama-shi starts from facility inoculation (elderly person facilities).
     Until, as for the inoculation of elderly person (person becoming 65 years or older by the end of 2021), vaccine supply after April 26 becomes clear
     It stops conduct.

[shipment time of) including individual notice (vaccination coupons]
(before change) We start shipment in the end of March to people 80 years or older. We send out to all people 65 years or older sequentially by the middle of April.
(after the change) About individual notice (we include vaccination coupons) that we are going to ship from the end of March, it stops sending for the time being.

We would appreciate your understanding.

[inquiry] Charge such as Health and Social Welfare Bureau health security section vaccination adjustment
      Telephone: 671-4841 FAX: 664-7296

We will publish the contents mentioned above with PDF file.
About change about public information Yokohama March issue new model coronavirus vaccination (PDF: 268KB)

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