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Last update date July 15, 2020

Town, Yokohama that spin encounter

Innovation city Yokohama
By new innovation, it is here Yokohama

Town, Yokohama that spin encounter.

The center where new players always gather in Yokohama.
Since the opening of a port, we accept a variety of culture, techniques, ideas that we have not seen,
We attracted many people requesting discovery and surprise.

Here Yokohama,
It wants to continue being town where collaboration wells up in in sequence.
People who embark on people with different sense of values and unknown challenge,
In such a town which meets each other, and creates, and opens up the future.

Well, let's begin new innovation with here Yokohama.
Surely the innovation turns the world.

Window to the future to lead if the highest

Since the opening of a port of 1859, it is doorway, Yokohama in Japan.
New technology from here to the world.

Stage of turnout to draw flash and vitality

Watching sports and genuine art experience.
Place stimulating originality is very near.

Natural work-style in accord with environment

Nature is near while being urbane.
It is here Yokohama by new way of working while feeling water and wind and green.

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