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Rich business environment

Many companies accumulate regardless of type of industry and scale against a backdrop of superior access with abundant human resources.

Last update date July 15, 2020

Magnetic field where human resources gather

Human resources, industrial accumulation

Yokohama-shi is proud of "the number of the offices of arts and sciences, research and development organization" of the first place and "the number of engineer, researchers" in designated city.
In addition, there are 26 schools, and the number of universities of university, city partner shush meeting participation in the city accumulates mobility and IT, life science, research and development base of various global companies including manufacturing and is city where players of the highest peak gather.

The starting point that growth accelerates

Superior access to domestic and foreign major cities

Access to each major city

Starting from Yokohama Station, eight minutes and movement to domestic each place are smooth to Shin-Yokohama where all vehicles of Tokaido Shinkansen stop at to Tokyo Station for 24 minutes.
In addition, Haneda Airport is superior in 22 minutes and access to domestic and foreign main business areas, too.

Environment that supports advance

The support system

Depending on advance form and business phase, we support business.

Location that we build building and acquire. We carry out various support (grant and tax reduction) for advance that we rent building.

Advance support of foreign company

・Support on business, life both sides by Yokohama world business business support center (WBC) (the outside site)
・Offer of rental office for new location foreign companies
・Location, advance support (Shanghai, Frankfurt Mumbai New York) in connection with overseas office of Yokohama-shi

Location cost

Assumption contract wage charges are low and, in comparison with major cities in Tokyo, can hold wide office of 2.2 times of circles on the same budget in Minato Mirai.
Realization of a certain space work place to promote communication is possible.

Facility in the city

Office, notice of laboratory in the city
Name of the facilitySummary
Yokohama-shi industry-university co-operation collaborative investigation center (the outside site)

Yokohama-shi industry-university co-operation collaborative investigation center is comprised of experiment ridge having large-scale experiment space and study ridge having meeting room and interchange salon including study space of small average scale to meet a variety of development needs of researcher.
We concentrate superior technology of industry and study development capability such as universities and aim at advancement of existing industry and new industrial creation.

Yokohama new technology creation building reading venture plaza (the outside site)

Building No. 1: We provide business base of a variety of lease type to medium and small-sized business, venture company, entrepreneurs aiming at new technology development, new business deployment.
Building No. 2: Bio for medium and small-sized business, venture company, entrepreneur is research and development business base to plan new technology, new product development of the tip field, new field advance.

Yokohama Kanazawa high technology center techno core (the outside site)Laboratory is research and development facility corresponding to genetically-modified experiment level "P2" based on Cartagena law with wet specifications in all rooms. Design is semiconductor-related, and, including bioconnection, environmental affiliates use.
Kanazawa, Yokohama-shi Sangyo Shinko Center (the outside site)It was maintained as facilitation of operation of company which advanced to Kanazawa industrial housing complex and welfare facilities of employee.
Yokohama Media and Communications Center (the outside site)

Odori where memory of history since the opening of a port remains of Japan. Yokohama Media and Communications Center loved as one of the buildings representing the cityscape by citizen recruits residents of office space.
As a general rule, it is IT-related company and group, but please consult about other types of industry.

※At Yokohama corporate management support foundation (IDEC), it is management, facility to run.

Investigation about the city co-working space
FindingsInvestigation summary
Questionnaire findings (PDF: 1,236KB)

Because various locations not to depend on past office form about firm location either advanced, and contract and the use that were relatively flexible in the city grasped the administration situation and the use forms of coworking space in the city because locations of coworking space to make possible advanced, we carried out questionary survey.

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