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People are related by company with the whole town

Company which we accumulated interchanges, and approach to challenge new value creation advances.

Last update date July 15, 2020

①Creation of new business by cooperation between companies
②Seeds needs matching
③Venture company support by support of expert
④We develop new product, new technology by research organization, university and collaboration
⑤Interchange between innovators

Platform which pushes forward new business creation utilizing technology and social problem solution to IoT or AI, challenge support of medium and small-sized business.

Health, platform to create innovation of the medical field continuously. We perform support that we accepted from matching to small and medium size, venture company to market reclamation for stage and promote development of new technology, new product.

Human resources such as researcher, engineer, entrepreneur, student open network across organization, and Yokohama-shi declares "innovation city, Yokohama" creating new innovation from Yokohama. Movement of innovator community begins to happen for password in YOXO (good).

The middle supporting group which works on problem solution by cooperation with various main constituents toward creation of Yokohama type "big city model" planning integrated solution to social problem environment, economy aiming at realization of "SDGs city of the future, Yokohama" by oneself.

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Telephone: 045-671-2594

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