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We updated information about harbor environment maintenance contribution

Last update date November 28, 2019

Harbor environment maintenance contribution is system to have company (more than 10,000 square meters of plottage) performing business in harbor area or factory in harborside district or the business ground bear a part for construction cost to carry out for maintenance, maintenance of harbor environment in Yokohama Port.

About system

  • We have all of many companies bear.

[list of burden companies of harbor environment maintenance contribution] (PDF: 195KB)

  • Harbor environment maintenance contribution is such a system.

[about harbor environment maintenance contribution] (PDF: 141KB)

  • We can receive reduction of taxes when we cooperate with tree planting.

[information for reduction of taxes application procedure] (PDF: 97KB)

  • It is used for such harbor construction.

[construction carried out by harbor environment maintenance contribution] (PDF: 1,161KB)

Format, style, electronic application manual

  • The harbor environment maintenance contribution regulations, the enforcement regulations

[the Yokohama-shi harbor environment maintenance contribution regulations] (PDF: 132KB)
[the Yokohama-shi harbor environment maintenance contribution regulations enforcement regulations] (PDF: 146KB)

  • We can download report style, too.

[factory affecting harbor environment maintenance contribution or business ground plottage registration form, mention example (WORD (word: 80KB)/PDF (PDF: 414KB))]
[harbor environment maintenance contribution reduction of taxes application, mention example (WORD (word: 36KB)/PDF (PDF: 107KB))]

  • Please see this about electronic application.

[method of new registration] (PDF: 1,364KB)
[input method of report of plottage] (PDF: 1,850KB)
[input method of reduction of taxes application] (PDF: 1,274KB)

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