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Summary of Yokohama-shi scenic zone system

Last update date May 26, 2020

Scenic zone

For living environment that scenic zone is full of green being formed,
In area to prepare comfortable house space in town into, we set based on the Town Planning and Zoning Act.
It prescribes standard of act in the Yokohama-shi scenic zone regulations according to cabinet ordinance in Yokohama-shi.

About urgent correspondence to affect new coronavirus infectious disease

In consideration for the new coronavirus infectious disease prevention, we accept permission application by mail. For more information:
In addition, "completion report", receptionist by mail performs return about two points of "notification of change". For more information:

※As for the person made the next agency, cooperation, please from the viewpoint of prevention of infection spread of new coronavirus about the following points.
* Please wear mask as much as possible.
* I would like cooperation about consultation time at window.
* When the room is crowded, we would appreciate your coming after taking a pause for a while.

What's New

Act, permission standard that needs 1, permission in scenic zone

<act that permission needs>

  • Construction of building
  • New construction of workpiece
  • Creation of residential land, change of form and essence of cleaning or other land of land
  • Felling (reference: of tree bambooInformation for tree (word: 27KB) about felling)
  • Other acts
    (sedimentation of change of colors such as buildings, landfill of the surface of the water or reclamation, collection of kind of nothing special, nothing special, refuse in the outdoors or reproduction resources)

<permission standard>
For more details, booklet, please utilize "guide (PDF: 1,000KB) of scenic zone". Please refer to "common question Q&A".

2, flow of procedure

≪Standard processing period 15th≫

Application flow (permission application submission → authorization return → construction management report submission)

  • Please submit act permission application in scenic zone before submitting confirmation application. ※It does not cost application charges.

3, downloading of format



About 4, change after permission

When change occurs for permission act, please consult with window.
(reference: act change registration form (word in scenic zone: 33KB)).

5, submission of report of act completion

  • Please take attached photograph of report of completion so that whole view of building, height or the number of trees confirm clearly. About planting, you have you put measure and show the height of the tree, and allow to wave number to each tree, and the number to confirm.
  • When slight change occurs for permission act, put together"Act change notice in scenic zone" (word: 33KB)Please submit this. In the case of change except a minimum, it becomes soup stock fixing.
  • When violation to condition (contents of permission application) that we referred to permission is found out, we become a target of penal regulations. (Yokohama-shi scenic zone regulations Article 8, Article 9)

6, scenic zone in the city

※Does confirmation corresponding in scenic zone have you confirm in i muppie (the outside site)?
  Please refer to City Planning Division (045-671-3510).

7, application to be related

  • Yamate scenic zone
    We have the scenery method and procedure based on the regulations about creation for Yokohama-shi attractive cityscape in Yamate scenic zone. I would like necessary/required procedures in Urban Development Bureau downtown area reproduction section (TEL.045-671-2673). In addition, please be careful as calculation methods of the height of the building are different in the law and the regulations.
  • Mt. Japanese yen sea scenic zone (the first, two kinds of scenic zones)
    When most are appointed in "Japanese yen sea mountain, Kitakamakura suburban green zone preservation area" based on "the metropolitan area suburbs green zone preservation method" in Mt. Japanese yen sea scenic zone (the first, two kinds of scenic zones) and perform new construction of building and other workpieces or creation of residential land, please consult with Environmental Planning Bureau green up promotion section (TEL045-671-3946) based on "the metropolitan area suburbs green zone preservation method" as report is necessary beforehand.
  • ※In addition, there is application to be related. Please confirm in Yokohama-shi administration map information system.

8, laws and ordinances concerned

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
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