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About authorization to affect safety for earthquake of building (bean jam furui mark system)

Last update date June 22, 2020

About urgent correspondence to affect new coronavirus infectious disease

With emergency declaration, we assume receptionist by mail about application procedure from the viewpoint of prevention of infection spread for the time being.

Please refer for consultation over telephone. Reference: 045-671-2928

  • When you come to window, I would like cooperation in disinfection of finger with wearing and alcohol antiseptic solution of mask.
  • You may have to wait outside work room to avoid "closeness" and state of "crowd" when window was crowded. As we invite in turn, I apologize for the inconvenience, but I would like cooperation.

In Yokohama-shi, we perform authorization of "safety for earthquake of building" based on law Article 22 Paragraph 2 about promotion of earthquake-resistant repair of building as "bean jam furui mark system".
Building meeting earthquake-resistant standard can display "bean jam furui mark" indicating that.
As building which we built becomes a target, please inflect.

Certificate in "recognition system affecting safety for earthquake of building"
(A4 size)

Bean jam furui mark in "recognition system affecting safety for earthquake of building""Bean jam furui mark"
(75*75mm and 145*145mm)

Introduction of "bean jam furui mark" grant building

Summary of system

Object of authorization

All buildings such as wooden construction, non-wooden construction

Merit by authorization

  • For building which caught authorization, certificate and "bean jam furui mark" sticker are issued.
    By posting on position that is easy to be included in the public eye such as doorways of building, can emphasize quake resistance.
  • For advertisements, we can display authorized mark.

Application method

At first, please talk in advance. After checking the spot, we inform about documents necessary for authorization.

Afterwards, you attach required documents to authorized application, and please submit to building Disaster Prevention Section.

In addition, person performing earthquake-resistant repair work will hope that we have you talk before construction in advance from now on.

Procedure flow

Prior consultation vote (please submit prior consultation vote before certification application by all means.)

Style to affect certification application

Style to affect examination of construction

Person performing earthquake-resistant repair work will ask you, as a general rule, to receive intermediate inspection, completion inspection of city from now on.


Free of charge

System summary, related rule

Reference: Supporting system to earthquake-resistant repair of building

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