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Earthquake-resistant total support business

Last update date June 22, 2020

About urgent correspondence to affect new coronavirus infectious disease

With emergency declaration, we assume receptionist by mail about application procedure from the viewpoint of prevention of infection spread for the time being.

Please refer for consultation over telephone. Reference: 045-671-2928

  • When you come to window, I would like cooperation in disinfection of finger with wearing and alcohol antiseptic solution of mask.
  • You may have to wait outside work room to avoid "closeness" and state of "crowd" when window was crowded. As we invite in turn, I apologize for the inconvenience, but I would like cooperation.

In Yokohama-shi, in the case of emergency, ambulance service at the time of disaster, we push forward earthquake resistance of building in roadside of road becoming important.
Among buildings which obliged to earthquake-resistant diagnosis in November, 2013, we added to pressure by past city officials about building that earthquake-resistant diagnosis was completed to be able to start design and construction premeditatedly in future, and person who had specialized knowledge and experience visited to building owner and started "earthquake proofing total support business" that we supported for earthquake resistance from July, 2017.

1 object

Constant height or more buildings

We correspond to all the following conditions

(1) Building which obliged to earthquake-resistant diagnosis

(2) Building with quake resistance standard or less as a result of earthquake-resistant diagnosis

Summary of 2 business

  • We choose full-time "earthquake-resistant supporter" with know-how for earthquake resistance of building for each target building.
  • "Earthquake-resistant supporter" supports various problems, troubles of building owner for inquiry, solution from design to construction for earthquake resistance.
  • Depending on consultation contents of building owner, "experts" such as authorized architect, financial planner or lawyer perform advice for earthquake resistance.
  • We make earthquake-resistant repair plan and rebuilding plan for earthquake resistance and show.

Support contents by 3 experts

(1) Authorized architect

  • Making, the presentation of earthquake-resistant repair plan and rebuilding plan
  • Calculation of approximate construction cost

(2) Financial planners

  • How to build financial plans for earthquake resistance
  • Consultation of available financing facility

(3) Lawyers

  • Consultation about business compensation, right relations of tenant
  • Consultation of necessary legal knowledge in talks with tenant

Expense of four business

Free (but support number of times, contents are limited ※)

5 application windows (trust of this business)

Name: Yokohama City Housing Supply Corporation
The location: 8-1, Sakaecho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi Yokohama 京急バス building
Contact information: Telephone 045-451-7740, FAX045-451-7789
E-mail: [email protected]

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Telephone: 045-671-2928

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