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Instructions of PRTR report

Last update date January 6, 2021

As you settled relatively many mentions errors when you report PRTR, please refer.
As confirmation to the person in charge and resubmission of registration form may be necessary when there is mention error, please confirm enough.
In addition, mention contents do not have defect, or the city person in charge confirms if you can send registration form (plan) by fax before registration form is submitted, and please contact without reserve as you correct as needed.

1 registration form this newspaper

About scholar of report, report, report day

Office is original and, in the zip code entry, uses individual zip code which we acquired

Please fill in general zip code corresponding to Address which office is located.

Date to list in top right corner of registration form this newspaper is later date than submission day to Motoichi

(it is, e.g., June 25 on submission day, but it is on June 30 on date of registration form this newspaper.)
Please list date (sending day or day when you brought in window) to submit to Motoichi in registration form.

Error of address to list on the left of registration form this newspaper

(e.g.,: "Governor Minister jurisdiction (Kanagawa)" and mention)
In the example above, please list with "the Minister of Economy Trade and Industry" (The Mayor of Yokohama) if jurisdiction minister is the Minister of Economy Trade and Industry.

Non-entry of corporation name to mention column of scholar of report full name (full name of representative) or post (representative director, director others) of representative

About these contents, omission of entry, please be careful that there is not.

Non-entry of furigana

Please list furigana in Address, full name of scholar of report, name of corporation and post, full name of representative. In addition, mention of furigana is necessary when we use rubber stamp.

About report contents

Use of type of industry name which is not listed in the PRTR registration form entry point and type of industry cord

Please confirm type of industry and report in list of type of industry cord, report (incorporated administrative agency National Institute of Technology and Evaluation) (the outside site).

We fill in the number of people of the whole company on column of the number of employees

Please list the number of employees of report office.

We fill in name of company on mention column of name of office

(e.g.,: "0 ☓ Yokohama office" and mention)
In the example above, as for the name of company, name of office becomes "Yokohama office" "0 ☓". You list name of office (factory, business ground, office), and please omit name of company.

Even case which is entry-free fills in name for name (the name column of name of company and office) in the last report

Please fill out only when you switch from name at the time of the last report. When there is not change, please assume non-entry.

2 registration form attached sheets

About report object

Annual traffic reports target material less than quota (1 ton or 0.5 tons) and material except first-class designated chemicals

Report of material except less than quota and first-class designated chemicals is unnecessary.

Though specific facility of the Act on Special Measures concerning Countermeasures against Dioxins is established, report of quantity of discharge, movement of dioxin is not done

If we establish such a facility and the number of employees and type of industry meet condition of report, report of quantity of discharge, movement of dioxin is necessary.

About report contents

Though there is another name with column of name of first-class designated chemicals, we fill in the official name

About first-class designated chemicals that another name is written down to the enforcement order separate table first (we publish in "guide of PRTR report" (outside site) end of a volume material), please list another name.

Error of significant digit of discharge, moving quantity

Please fill in two digits of significant digit. But, about first-class designated chemicals except dioxin, please fill in number that rounds off lower than hundredth, and was provided when quantity of discharge, movement is less than 1 kg.

  • Example (case except dioxin)

In the case of "0.0493 kg", in the case of "0.0902 kg", in the case of "3 kg", in the case of "187 kg", discharge, please fill out with "190 kg" "3.0 kg" "0.1 kg" "0.0 kg".

  • Example (in the case of dioxin)

In the case of "0.0902mg-TEQ", "0.049mg-TEQ", please fill out with "0.090mg-TEQ" when discharge is "0.0493mg-TEQ".

Column of quantity of discharge, movement comes to remain blanks

In the case of 0 (zero) kg/ year, quantity of discharge, movement does not make blanks, and please list with "0.0".

Young order of issue number is not given attached sheet number

Please give attached sheet number to young order of issue number.

Number is filled in for movement to the outside of the office concerned, but type of disposal method of refuse or refuse becomes non-choice

When you fill in number for movement to the outside of the office concerned, please choose at least one type of disposal method of refuse or refuse by all means.

3 and others

About notification period

Notification period consists of April 1 every year until June 30 (when June 30 is Saturday and Sunday next weekdays). We hope that we have you submit in notification period. In addition, in the case of mail, please be careful not postmark as you come to have to arrive.

About acquisition of report style

As you do not distribute report styles of PRTR to each office from Yokohama-shi, please download from report (the outside site) (PRTR information open space: Ministry of the Environment) with report method of PRTR or the space, report method (the outside site) (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).

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