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Consultation about house environment

Last update date January 17, 2019

Story of air in one

(1) Do you breathe clean air?

House more present than old wooden house has airtight structure with a little replacement of air by the spread of aluminum sashes. In apartments in particular, there becomes very little quantity of air replaced naturally. Furthermore, we are apt to shut up window by all means when we use air-conditioner and stove. It may seem unexpectedly, but there is the material polluting air a lot in room. Air is gradually polluted when we do not ventilate in airtight expensive house.

(2) Comfortable temperature condition

Temperature that we feel comfortably is said to be 18-22 degrees centigrade. When we heat in room in winter, this temperature should be used as an indication, but, as for the summer air conditioner, there is point that you must warn. When temperature enters low room at hot place suddenly, physical adjustment function does not work well. "Air-cooling sickness" means this. When we cool to prevent "air-conditioningitis", we will make difference with fresh air less than 5 degrees.

(3) With material polluting indoor air…

Oh, it is suspended particulate
Smoke of cigarette and house dust drift in air as small particle. Carcinogen is included in smoke of cigarette.
I-1 carbon oxide
When oxygen burns oil or gas in insufficient state, it is formed. Is extremely strong; is toxic, and fatal accident occurs, too.
Cormorant carbon dioxide
It is formed by a person's breathing or oil, gas burning. Hazardousness is low, but is used as a guide of dirt of air.
Oh, it is nitrogen oxide
When oil and gas burn, it is formed. It causes chronic bronchitis and worsens asthma.
Eyes, nose, sore throat, dermatitis, headache are caused.

  • When we smoke (a i u e o appears)
  • When we use gas ring and oil stove (i way appears)
  • A person's breathing (cormorant appears)
  • Furniture, building materials, carpet (o appears)

(4) To clean air of room

Oh, we do not give material polluting air as much as possible
Heater will use thing which does not pollute air of room as much as possible. Air of room is not polluted with FF-type (forced expression to be going to supply and discharge) stove and electricity-type heater. In room, it will prevent you from smoking as much as possible.
We ventilate i diligently
When do air-conditioning, open window for approximately 1-2 times, five minutes an hour; and of room air, and let's change. When we use gas ring and instantaneous water heater, let's turn ventilation fan by all means.

The moisture of 2 air

It is necessary for air to get wet moderately so that we spend time comfortably. We say humidity and express the degree of the moisture of air in percentages. When humidity is too low, we come to have a pain in throat and become easy to catch cold. Just right humidity is from 40% to 60%.

(1) About dew condensation

Outside of glass which we put cold drink in, drop of water adheres. This is dew condensation. The same thing is taking place at house. When humid air touches cold wall and ceiling, drop of water adheres there. When dew condensation occurs, wall is stained, and mold grows.

  • It becomes easy to produce dew condensation under conditions of next.
  • Of room is humid
  • There are few amounts of ventilation
  • Temperature difference in the south side and the north side of house is big

(2) To prevent dew condensation

  • Let's be careful about next to prevent dew condensation
  • It prevents you from using too many humidifiers
  • We ventilate diligently
  • We make ventilation of closet better

Mold in 3 houses

In mold, there is useful thing like Aspergillus oryzae forming liquor and soy sauce, but is problem when it grows in house. As well as the rainy season, average is propagation of mold time for one year.

(1) Damage of like this mold

  • Disease is caused
  • We worsen food
  • We damage house or furniture
  • Tick might propagate

(2) Four conditions that mold spreads

  • There is nutrition source
  • It is humid (more than 80%)
  • Temperature is high (30 degrees from 20 degrees)
  • Ventilation is bad

(3) Important point to prevent mold

  • We exhaust moisture outdoors from kitchen and bathroom and prevent you from staying in house
  • We get rid of temperature difference in house as much as possible and do not let you condense dew. (on wall and roof using insulation material)
  • We dry futon
  • Closet lays drainboard and opens some doors
  • We make ventilation (ventilation) better. (throughout the year)
  • We use dehumidifier and dehumidification agent

(4) If mold grows

  • We soak cotton with surgical spirit (ethanol) and wipe off
  • We use mold collecting agent. (let's read manual by all means)

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