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Consultation of health hazard with household goods

Last update date November 9, 2018

Toxic substance included in 1 household goods

Many household goods are used for our life. However, there are a lot of examples to cause health hazard by chemical substance included in household goods. That…

  • When we wore new pajamas and underwear, rash was formed on the whole body.
  • Wrist turned red in new leather clock band.
  • It emanates irritating odor from new chest, and eyes sting and have a headache.

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Skin of 2 babies is sensitive

Thing processing into clothing using chemical substance is in clothing to prevent wrinkle and shrinkage. Formalin (formaldehyde) may be detected by certain processing agent that is generally used for these.

(1) As formalin is easy to dissolve in water, let's use clothing of baby after washing.

(2) Formalin has property that is easy to be adsorbed by clothing. As it is included in smoke of adhesive and cigarette of plywoods such as furniture, let's be careful about storage of clothing. Let's be careful about ventilation of room.

3 clothing makes up, too

Current clothes have the word, "clothing makes up". We use various kinds of chemical substances for processing. By regulation of formalin, dermatitis by formalin allergy decreased, but allergy with certain fungicide and dye is found recently. When we feel abnormality, please consult with specialist or Environmental Sanitation Section early.

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