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The extermination consultation of pest, mouse

Last update date January 17, 2019

There is usually tick on tatami and futon and there are few numbers, too and lives quietly, but it occurs from slight carelessness in large quantities and may wake up damage.

(1) Damage of like this tick

  • We stab people
    We are red and swollen when stabbed, and kayuku becomes……Nail tick
  • We give people discomfort
    It becomes bait of nail tick stinging people……Acarid, hyohidani (Chilean tick)
  • Allergy is caused
    It inhabits futon and carpet……hyohidani

(2) Condition that is easy to occur of tick

  • There is much bait such as refuse, dandruff, mold of food.
  • Temperature, humidity is high. (from 30 degrees from temperature 25, humidity 60 80%)
  • There are homes to be able to crawl into such as tatami or carpet.

(3) Important point to prevent tick

  • On fine day, we open window and door and draw air in house.
  • Using vacuum cleaner, we clean diligently.
  • On tatami, we do not spread carpets.
  • We use ventilation fan diligently and exhaust moisture from kitchen and bathroom outdoors and prevent you from staying in house.
  • At the time of heating, it prevents you from humidifying too much.

(4) We can get rid if we do it this way

If tick occurs, we perform next in addition to preventive method.

(we absorb with vacuum cleaner thoroughly)

  • tatami and carpet vacuum every day. (because of half tatami mat more than 20 seconds along eyes)
  • Bedclothing vacuums once a week. (the front and back each per 1m2 more than 20 seconds)
  • We vacuum corner, closet of room.
  • We vacuum by all means after drying in the sun and futon dried.
  • We change dust collection packs early.
  • Such a vacuum cleaner is recommended. (suction workrate 200W or more on paper pack type, carpet on power nozzle, futon nozzle for exclusive use of futon)

(we dry futon and tatami)

  • We dry on day of fine weather. (most suitable for around 2nd 2:00 p.m. from 10:00 a.m. after fine weather continued. If uptake is slow, we are charged with moisture)
  • We dry concrete or tin roof on thing becoming hot.
  • We use futon dryer in rainy season.
  • tatami has method with tatami drying car, too (we can get all rid, but it costs with trouble, and tatami becomes brown)

Q and A

What is Q1 tick allergen?

"Allergen" means material causing A1 allergic reaction. In house, there are a lot of ticks called "hyohidani". Feces or carcass of this "hyohidani" become cause that allergic symptoms such as asthma are important. "Tick allergen" means "hyohidani" and feces or carcass collectively.

Method to reduce Q2 hyohidani and tick allergen?

There are no place as of A2, effective homicide tick agent. Feces and carcass which are tick allergen remain even if able to get rid of hyohidani. It is necessary to think reducing both hyohidani and tick allergen and that we do not increase.

How can Q3 reduce tick allergen?

We perform four methods of A3 next

  1. Absorb
    We absorb with vacuum cleaner. We take a long view patiently carefully, and effect is given. Let's absorb with vacuum cleaner using convenience goods effectively. Do not forget that there is tick allergen to the depths of the depths of futon and sofa.
  2. Wash away
    Tick allergens such as feces are water-soluble. Thing which we can wash in water washes. Please ascertain thing, materials and texture to order from professional well that you can wash at home. This is point whether you can dry properly after washing. We inquire into circle once a year, and let's take out futon for (washing in water).
  3. Confine
    We wrap up quickly. As density of fiber is small as for "the super high-density fiber" used for bedclothing, we confine even feces of tick. It is expenditure gakakasamunoga difficult point temporarily. However, it does not so take effort, and there is a big effect.
  4. We change and throw away
    We trade in for thing which is hard to live of tick decisively. Extra thing is necessary for decision abandoning. We cannot promise to be reliable if new. Confirmation is important for price as one indication how is the durability whether materials are easy to deal with whether tick is hard to live at home.

In place that there is a lot of cat, foot may not be itchy, or that may be chisel. There are several kinds of chisels, but it is cat chisel recently that has much damage. We are usually doing kyuchi about cat, but may do kyuchi from people when we are separated from cat.

(1) When it is done kyuchi

Intense itch continues for a few days

(2) What kind of place am I in?

Oh, from egg to pupa
In place, storeroom, floor of house, soil or garbage under tatami that there is cat.

i imago
Skin of cat

(3) We can get rid if we do it this way

  • We clean place, storeroom, floor of house, bottom of tatami where cat was and garbage collects and burns up.
  • We spray insecticide (powdered medicine for chisel).
  • There are chisel chicken collars, but please talk about domestic cat with veterinarian.

(1) Animal that how is mouse

In Japan, mouse of 20 several kinds is known. It is three kinds of roof rat brown rat mouse that see at the house and the outskirts.


  • It inhabits places such as floor bottom, sewage
  • From the length 220 to 260 millimeters
  • Earlobe is small thick
  • Tail is shorter than trunk

Ikuma mouse

  • The other sides of ceiling inhabit high place
  • From the length 180 to 200 millimeters
  • Earlobe is big
  • Tail is longer than trunk


  • It inhabits storeroom, building
  • 55-105 millimeters in length
  • Earlobe is big in a circle
  • Tail is longer than trunk

(2) We are afraid of mouse

Mouse is animal which not only threatens health of people, but also causes until blackout and fire.

  • Rash and headache, arthralgia are caused when bitten by mouse.
  • We transmit Weil's disease (high heat and strong jaundice, muscular pain).
  • We transmit infectious disease and food poisoning.
  • We damage food and product, furniture.
  • We bite the plumbing and wiring and cause accident.

(3) Mouse extermination masterpiece war

  • All - food not to feed to container and put in the closet container with cover as for the garbage.
  • - outlet port, vent blocking up passage assume structure that mouse cannot get into, and let's completely block up gap becoming passage.
  • Let's arrange unnecessary things such as cloth becoming materials of - nest which does not let you make nest.
  • We are thought to be inefficient by - public to get rid of using appliance, but, at place that raticide cannot use, are considerably helpful. When you use appliance, please be careful not to be hurt enough.
  • It is method to let - mouse to get rid of with poison bait fatally poison. Raticide has acute poison agent and accumulation poison agent. Let's choose appropriate thing by type of mouse.
  • Let's confirm whether confirmation - effect of effect was provided by all means.
  • Let's spray insecticide on place where there was subsequent processing - mouse, the outskirts of nest, dead mouse.

(1) When there is head louse, what kind of symptom do you have?

We cause suppuration by itch and scratch of scalp skin.

(2) We can get rid if we do it this way

We can get rid by doing shampoo with the extermination medicine (Smith phosphorus powder).

  • Please consult about the purchase, usage of shampoo with the extermination medicine at drugstore of neighborhood.

(3) Preventive point?

  • We cut hair as short as possible, and let's wash carefully.
  • Such as boshiya scarf, brush borrowing and loaning will avoid as much as possible.
  • Let's brush with toothcomb carefully. If louse and egg are caught on comb, we crush and throw away.
  • Let's wash pillow slip or sheet every day. It is perfect if we press.

(4) In facility living in group?

  • Clothing and rocker for common use will clean well.
  • Let's put custom not to use a person's belonging including boshiya towel.
  • We clean locker room, apodyterium well, and let's perform the extermination work, if necessary.
  • Pool lets you always overflow, and let's wash head in shower before and after swimming well.

Q and A

What kind of type does Q1 louse have?

It is pediculus, head louse, three kinds of crab louse that Homo sapiens is accompanied, and do kyuchi in A1 lice.
Pediculus hides behind in fold, seam of underwear. We are not found any place other than the special place in current Japan.
Head louse lives in hair and may not move to clothing. We are infected with elementary school student of infant and the elementary school lower grades mainly. It is head louse not crab louse that head of child has.
Crab louse is parasitic on human pubic hairs. We are infected in at the time of sex or locker.

Where does Q2 head louse move?

Of the inside of A2 play and locker for common use, boshiya towel borrow and loan, and change from bedclothing.

Is Q3 head louse dirty?

A3 child attaches body and plays. Therefore we move when we move even if we keep clean so much. We are bitten by mosquito and are thing similar to catching cold. Damage is only "it is itchy", and there is no example which disease moved to. We may be never upset even if we find head louse to child. We can get rid in around ten days if we get rid properly. It is that wrong image, "dirty" "is slovenly" hurts heart of child to have to be careful.

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