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Consultation of drinking water

Last update date November 9, 2018

Story of tank water

As for the drinking water of building and apartment, it is supplied domestic faucet of everybody with water after we collect tap water in water tank called "cistern to receive" once. You must perform management of water through cistern to receive by responsibility of owner and living people in building. Drinking water is polluted when we neglect this management and may lead to unexpected accident. Let's keep management of water tank in mind to drink safe water.

Principle of 1 management

Let's try for appropriate management to drink water in peace anytime.

  1. Cleaning of once a year water tank
    Cistern and kookisuiso to receive must clean regularly once a year. Let's always keep clean.
  2. Regularly check, maintenance
    Water tank does not have hole and crack, or let's check regularly. The circumference of water tank will clean neatly, too.
  3. Check of everyday water
    If there is something wrong with color of water, muddy, poor taste, I will inform Environmental Sanitation Section immediately.

When 2 drinking water is polluted

Please take following measures immediately by any chance when drinking water is polluted.

  • You stop water supply and tell user promptly, and please connect with Environmental Sanitation Section.
  • About the removal of cause that water was polluted with, cleaning of water tank, the reopening of water supply, please obey instruction of Environmental Sanitation Section.
  • While you stop water supply, using faucets of water supply direct connection, please secure drinking water.

When 3 disasters occur

When situation that might affect earthquake, the quality of the water including heavy rain occurred, please check water tanks. When there was abnormality, please repair immediately.

(attention) about well water

Well water may be polluted by various materials. We recommend that we use for use except drinking.

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