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Consultation of bee

Last update date June 14, 2019

Bee becomes representative of "scary insect" "pest", but there is one side of "beneficial insect" which catches pests such as hairy caterpillars of the trees and plants, and eats.
In addition, bee does not sting people all the time. We do threat, attack to follow their nests and commands.
Even if bee flies, let's watch calmly quietly.

However, you should get rid of nest when hideout is done near our life range not to be stabbed.
In Health and Welfare Center, we perform guidance of the extermination method and exterminator.

Illustration of bee

Early detection, the early extermination!

As for paper wasp and the hornet, activity becomes popular most from summer to autumn. Bee of the time has many numbers, and it is said that the aggressiveness increases.
However, security can relatively get rid of hive cheaply as there are few numbers of bee which is in den over June from the end of April when the Queen wrath of Heaven begins to make nest if we can discover nest at this time.

From around the end of April, let's check rotations of house well.
Place (PDF: 224KB) where bee is easy to make hideout

If we find nest

We do not stimulate 1 bee

  • It does not approach.
  • We do not go into mischief.
  • We do not let you vibrate.
  • We speak loudly near and do not make noise.

※If is stabbed; ...
(1)We squeeze poison under running water immediately from chilled wound.
(2)We paint with antihistaminic ointment.
(3)When we feel sick, and heartbeat, symptom of rash are detected, let's go to hospital immediately.

We distinguish type of 2 bees

Familiar bee is two kinds mainly.
Hornet seems to resemble paper wasp both, but can distinguish as forms of nest are totally different.
We will observe nest well.
※ When you approach den, please be careful not to stimulate bee enough. Exposure of skin will be dressed in clothes as little as possible just to make sure.

Difference between paper wasp and hornet
TypePaper waspHornet

Paper wasp


Size3-4 centimeters3-4 centimeters
Way of flyingWe fly light while hanging down foot slovenlyWe fly linearly towards den
Form of nest

With model not to chase, we see a lot of hexagonal dens

With ball type, it is hole one of doorway
Photograph of nest

Nest of paper wasp

Initial nest of hornet
The early days

Medium-term nest of hornet
The middle

Vespiary (the golden age)
The golden age

The extermination methodWe get rid by yourself,
Or we ask supplier.
We ask specialized supplier.
※ The voluntary extermination of the golden age does not recommend.

※ When we do not know type of bee, please consult to Environmental Sanitation Section.

[reference] How to distinguish hives (PDF: 144KB)

When we do 3 independence extermination (in the case of paper wasp)

In Environmental Sanitation Section, we perform the voluntary extermination or guidance such as exterminators.
The extermination method (PDF: 188KB) of paper wasp

As aid of the voluntary extermination, we perform the extermination appliance (bee low) for high place and free rental of hazmat suit.
Please inquire for the stock situation of rental appliance.

We can borrow the extermination appliance (bee low) for high place at cooperation drugstore in ward.
※ Hazmat suit becomes the handling only at ward office window.

List of appliance rental placement drugstores for the paper wasp extermination
NameThe locationContact information
Ishiguro drugstore Kamishirane storeShirane 4-1-17951-3781
Futaba drugstore47-6, Kashiwacho365-5037
Futamatagawa drugstore1-6-1, Futamatagawa369-3691
Hack drug Kibogaoka store99-3, Nakakibogaoka362-1891
Create S D Mitsukyo, Yokohama store1-1-43, Sasanodai392-2131
The first drugstore995-35, Ichizawacho351-9632
Young leave drugstore1-3-1, Wakabadai923-1223
saeda drugstore891, Kamishiranecho west Hikarigaoka housing complex Building No. 18952-2626

It is random order as of June 14, 2019

※ As there is not guarantee that we are never stabbed in in the case of the voluntary extermination, please never overdo it.

When you do not recognize 4 exterminators, please refer to Environmental Sanitation Section.

In the case of telephone, please let know the situation of nest in detail.
(place, size, form, the situation of comings and goings of bee)

We work as guide depending on the situation.

※ When there are not comings and goings of bee, the hideout may be "den that was not used".
Other bees may not reuse the nest.

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