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Meeting rooms and equipment available in the center

The following facilities and equipment can be used in the Seya Residents' Activities Center. Please use as base of social movement and lifelong learning. For more information, please contact the center staff.

Final update date February 18, 2021

Center floor guide map

List of facilities and equipment that do not require registration

Anyone can use it. ※Only for group use.

ItemsThose who can use it
Consultation Corner
The staff will be stationed to receive consultations on lifelong learning, inhabitant activities, local activities, and volunteer activities from everyone.

Consultation Corner (Photo)

Individuals and organizations
Information Corner
There are posters, pamphlets, flyers and regular magazines. You can collect information necessary for learning and activities.

Information Corner

Individuals and organizations

Search personal computer
You can use the Internet for collecting information on lifelong learning, inhabitant activities, volunteer activities, local activities, etc.
Chats, bulletin boards, e-mails and SNS are not available. Printing is not possible.

Search personal computer

Individuals and organizations

meeting room
We have a meeting room (open space / private room) that can be used for meetings.
Meeting room 1 (open space) or meeting room 2 (private room) is available.
Advance reservations are possible. Please apply for reservation by telephone or directly to the counter from the first day of the month three months before the use date.
[Meeting Corner 1]

Meeting Corner 1

[Meeting Corner 2] (Private room)

Meeting Corner 2

You can use the free space in Meeting Room 1 (open space).
Advance reservations are not possible. It cannot be used every Tuesday and Friday from 13:00 to 17:00.

Personal use corner

Free space in Meeting Room 1 (Open Space)

Individuals and organizations

Printing room (work space)
Color printing machines (orfis), paper folding machines, collating machines (sotters), and cutting machines are available. In addition, work desks and chairs are installed.
※Only the color printing machine (orfis) is charged. Advance reservations are possible.
For more information, see the rental equipment page.

Work Corner

Work Corner

printing machine music  Paper folding machine

   Color printing machine (orphis)       Paper folding machine

cutting machine     cutting machine

alignment machine                cutting machine

Rental equipment (available only in the center)
We rent raminators, large staplers (stitches), label sealers, personal computers, etc. Please use it in the center.
Consumables related to the use of equipment and goods (laminate film, staple needles, label tape, etc.) must be prepared by yourself.
For more information, see the rental equipment page.

Use of facilities and equipment that require registration

It can be used by those who have registered for use of the center.
For more information about registration, please contact the staff.

ItemsThose who can use it

Loan Group case
It can be used for storing printing paper, reference books, materials and equipment necessary for activities.
Available from the start date of use to the end of the relevant fiscal year.
rental rack    Loan case

                      Capacity 24 liters. Inside dimensions W442mm 298mm 170mm

Mailbox (letter case)
It can be used for the destination (sealed letter, postcard, etc.) of the application for participation in courses and events hosted by the group.
Mailbox (letter case) (photo)
Rental equipment (things that can be taken out of the center)
We rent equipment for preventing infectious diseases, wireless amplifiers, microphones, microphone stands, loudspeakers, projectors, screens, CD-MD digital cameras, picture-story shows, panel theater boards, play balloons (paraballoons), etc. You can take it out of the center and use it.
For more information, see the rental equipment page.

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