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Overview of Use and Traffic Access

Final update date April 4, 2021

What is the Seya Residents' Activities Center?

It is facility supporting voluntary inhabitant of a ward activity or lifelong learning such as inhabitants of a ward or group, individual working in ward. We provide consultation on activities and learning, provide information and disseminate information, coordinate activities, rent equipment and equipment necessary for activities and learning, and hold various courses and events.

What you can do at the center

(1) Consultation on lifelong learning, inhabitant activities, local activities, volunteer activities ※For more information:
(2) Information collection and transmission at the information corner (posters, pamphlets, flyers, regular magazines, etc.) ※For more information:
(3) Use of meeting rooms (open spaces and private rooms) ※For more information:
(4) Lending equipment and goods (including books) ※For more information:
(5) Participation in lectures and events organized by the Center ※For more information:
(6) Requests for registration and dispatch of human resources volunteers ※For more information:
(7) Registration and provision of information on organizations and circles ※For more information:
(8) In addition, we can receive support or advice about lifelong learning or inhabitant of a ward activity.

Usage restrictions

If any of the following applies, we will refuse to use the center.

  • For profit.
  • When conducting religious activities, political activities, election activities, or activities that may harm the public interest.
  • When there is a risk of disturbing or disturbing other users.
  • If there is any other problem with the operation of the center.

Center hours and closed days

Usage time


Closed days

Third Sunday of every month, New Year's holiday (December 29-January 3)



To use the train

Get off at Mitsuike Station on Sotetsu Line. It's about a 12-minute walk.
Go left at the station ticket gate and turn left. Go through Sotetsu Life, cross the pedestrian bridge, and go straight along the road along the track.
Turn right on your side road across Nakahara Kaido, go diagonally left, and there is Seyamaru. Turn right along the side road, go diagonally to the left.
Seya inhabitant of a ward activity center is in Seyamaru, the second floor of contact building.

To use the bus

Take the Sotetsu bus bound for Minamiseya Elementary School or bound for New Town Minamiseya and get off at Nakamaru. It's about a 5-minute walk.
Take the road along the bus stop to Nakahara Kaido. Turn right on the side road across the Nakahara Highway, go diagonally to the left, 100m ahead.
There is a Seyamaru is on the left.
Seya inhabitant of a ward activity center is in Seyamaru, the second floor of contact building.

When using a car

There is a parking lot. However, the number of cars that can be parked (28 cars) is limited, so please use public institutions as much as possible.

Peripheral map and building entrance photo

[Access Map]                         [Building entrance photo]
Seyamaru Fureaikan Access Map   Photo of building entrance of Seyamaru Building Entrance Photo
Download the access map (PDF: 127KB)

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Inquiries to this page

Seya inhabitant of a ward activity center

Telephone: 045-369-7081

Telephone: 045-369-7081

Fax: 045-366-4670

Email address: [email protected]

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