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Hama road supporter

Last update date July 10, 2020

With Hama road supporter

 Targeting at local imminent roads, the government collaborates with citizen or local volunteer group, and Hama road supporter is "foster-parent system of road" performing beautification or cleaning of familiar road.
 Cooperation of local roads including check, cleaning, beautification activity becomes essential to make reliable road with security. Engineering works office supports in group carrying out such an activity.

Business summary

Than Road and Highway Bureau management section Hama road supporter

About participation group

 In Sakae Ward, 16 groups are registering now. Not only Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations but also all of school and the companies works.

List of Hama road supporter participation groups
  Group name The designated date Activity place Authorized road extension The number of participants
1 Hongodai Neighborhood Association Hama road supporter H17.1.17 Around 1-14, Hongodai (map (PDF: 139KB) (PDF: 139KB)) 200m Eight people
2 Meeting (environmental hygiene part) of Katsura stand Neighborhood Association, the four seasons H17.5.1 1, Katsuradainishi 1-6 address others (map (PDF: 175KB) (PDF: 175KB)) 750m 20 people
3 FANCL smile H19.11.1 Around 109-1, Hashimacho (map (PDF: 155KB) (PDF: 155KB)) 2,300m 20 people
4 Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. Yokohama laboratory H20.4.1 Around 1, Kanaimachi others (map (PDF: 221KB) (PDF: 221KB)) 7,100m 65 people
5 Stroll Northern Hokkaido Hongodai H20.12.1 Around 5-34, Hongodai (map (PDF: 95KB) (PDF: 95KB)) 120m Ten people
6 hama kokatsuradai West road supporters H22.3.31 1-14, Katsuradainishi others (map (PDF: 255KB) (PDF: 255KB)) 1,850m Nine people
7 Shonan Katsura stand Neighborhood Association H24.4.1 Around 1113, Nakanomachi others (map (PDF: 252KB) (PDF: 252KB)) 1,500m 70 people
8 Hongo Junior High School H24.4.1 Around 84-14, Katsuracho others (map (PDF: 159KB) (PDF: 159KB)) 1,300m 428 people
9 Meeting of big boat park town volunteer H24.6.28 Around Kasama 4-10 (map (PDF: 117KB) (PDF: 117KB)) 110m 12 people
10 Japan Post Co., Ltd. Sakae sectional meeting H24.10.1 Around 1-1, Kosugaya (map (PDF: 64KB) (PDF: 64KB)) 300m Nine people
11 Tatsuno Yokohama factory H24.11.1 Around Kasama 4-1 (map (PDF: 268KB) (PDF: 267KB)) 500m 15 people
12 Hongodai Elementary School H25.3.23 Around 1-1, Kosugaya (map (PDF: 76KB) (PDF: 76KB)) 100m 24 people
13 Kamigo Junior High School H26.1.6 Around 6, Inoyamacho (map (PDF: 252KB) (PDF: 251KB)) 3,460m 50 people
14 NIKON Corporation Yokohama laboratory H29.3.2 Around 471, Nagaodaicho (map (PDF: 247KB) (PDF: 246KB)) 4,500m 92 people
15 Inuyama camphor tree street H29.6.15 Around 32, Inoyamacho (map (PDF: 189KB) (PDF: 188KB)) 190m 12 people
16 kahodai 2 of social welfare corporation visit H30.4.1 Around 3, Hakuyou (map (PDF: 219KB) (PDF: 218KB)) 4,000m 36 people

(as of July 10, 2020)

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