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Sakae engineering works office street light and crime prevention light

Last update date October 10, 2018

Road lighting facility (street light)

Mercury lamp, management are engineering works offices mainly

Photograph of streetlight

We maintain road lighting facility (street light) in point where road, intersection with many highway and traffic, traffic accident including corner are more likely to occur to prevent traffic accident in the night.
We check the lighting situation by monthly night patrol and periodical patrol to perform good management of street light in engineering works office.
Please connect with Sakae engineering works office (045-895-1411) if you find disappearing thing and thing that brightness weakens. Please let know management number (real photograph) (image: 4KB) in seal attaching on the nearby Address or landmark and road side on this occasion.

It is different from crime prevention light installed in telephone poles for anti-crime program.

Crime prevention light

Fluorescent lamp, management are Neighborhood Associations, Neighborhood Association mainly

Photograph of streetlight

When crime prevention light does not turn on, please contact toward Neighborhood Association, the officer of Neighborhood Associations. In Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, please refrain from telephone pole numbers on this occasion because you often manage crime prevention light with telephone pole number.
There is plate on telephone pole, and local name and number to three digits are filled in on plate. This is telephone pole number

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Telephone: 045-895-1411

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