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Private use of Sakae engineering works office road and waterway

Last update date January 25, 2019

Private use of road
Private use of waterway

With road private use

Constant workpiece, article establishes facility on road again, and authorized person is to continue, and to use road. Permission of road manager is necessary on this occasion. (road law Article 32) (the outside site) there is permission condition depending on each article again, and will have pay private use charges by type, size of article to make private use of.

Main private use article

Telephone pole electric wires
Water pipe
Sewage trachea
Gas tubing
Projecting signboard
Footing for construction
Temporary walls
We cannot make private use of standing signboard, billboard, vending machine.

Amount of money of private use charges

By Paragraph 2 of road law Article 39, it is established in the Yokohama-shi road private use charges regulations. As you vary according to articles to make private use of, please refer in detail to engineering works office.

Procedure for private use application

Permission for occupancy of roads application
Position figure
Figure of structure of article (figure of ground plan, three-dimensional figure, mensuration)

When permission is granted

We issue permission for occupancy of roads application, the delivery notification (we pay in banks).
Private use period is up to five years. When we completed period, private use update application is necessary.

Change, the abolition

When change occurred, change application is necessary.
When we abolished, report of abolition is necessary.

When we build passage bridge over river and waterway which city manages and install water pipe or gas pipe, "private use permission" is necessary.
In addition, please consult about person who uses waterways, and does not receive permission anymore.

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