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Sakae engineering works office relief walk area

Last update date October 10, 2018

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"It is easy to use in peace, anyone rises and promotes it is made" as key measure in City of Yokohama, Road and Highway Bureau. As the part, we push forward the formation of "relief walk area".
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Maintenance of relief walk area

In our country, ratio of walker and pedaler among the traffic accident death tolls is higher than 40% and becomes ratio that is higher than Europe and America. In addition, about 60% of walking traffic death encounters damage near home. District that needed measures of house origin or 20 commerce system districts (in the whole country 796) were urgently appointed as "relief walk area" in Yokohama-shi to secure safe passage of walker and pedaler based on such situation. About 20% restrains fatal and injury accident by road manager cooperating with Public Safety Commission, and taking of aspect and general fatal and injury accident restraint measures while hearing opinion of local resident in relief walk area and aims at about 30% restraining fatal and injury accident modifying walker or pedaler soon.

About approach, area in Sakae Ward

Around Hongodai Station is appointed in Sakae Ward, and City of Yokohama, Road and Highway Bureau, Sakae engineering works office cooperate with Sakae police department , and various accident restraint takes measures.
Around relief walk area - Hongodai Station (PDF: 363KB)

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