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Teacher of nakaku street

Last update date November 30, 2020

"Teacher guide of nakaku street" was replaced with a new one

We issued "teacher guide (2020 version) of nakaku street".
You can see booklet in use of inhabitant of a ward facility in Naka Ward.
We can download from this homepage. → To download page

After the issuance of booklet, it recruits people made volunteer activity as teacher of town at any time.
Please confirm this homepage about offer essential point.

With teacher of nakaku street

"Teacher of nakaku street" is volunteer human resources registration system to have you make use of own experience, knowledge, technique that you cultivated by work and hobby for local various activities.
Registered "teacher of nakaku street" makes use of your knowledge or technique in response to request from client and performs course as lecturer and by showing special ability and technique at event, contribute to local action and citizen's lifelong learning.

  • In naka inhabitant of a ward activity center, we introduce "teacher of town" to groups which are looking for lecturer.
  • Please make use for course, event in area, facility, group, group!

Teacher introduction video of nakaku street

Video introduces state of real activity of teacher of nakaku street. → To collection of videos

Request method of teacher of nakaku street

Group, group, facility which we can ask for

Facility, group, group (more than three people) which lifelong learning, local action, social movement have interest, understanding, and is going to carry out activity

  • We cannot use in personal lesson and families.
  • By for-profit religious activity, political activity cannot use.

Request method

Consultation, please refer to naka inhabitant of a ward activity center.
I look for person along hope from teacher registrant of nakaku street and introduce.
As you hear about the next matter in consultation, you offer, and tell about hope.

  1. Client name (group, facility, group name)
  2. Contact information (telephone, FAX, E-mail)
  3. Request contents (place held name, contents and purpose, eligible people, capacity, the planned date and time of event)
  4. Available budget (instruction (activity) charges, material cost, transportation expenses) and article (materials, tool)
  5. Desired candidate name of teacher of nakaku street (request for first, the second hope or desired genre)

When request content is not decided concretely, please feel free to contact

Teacher (human resources bank) registrant guide of nakaku street

Current "teacher guide of nakaku street" issued in April, 2020.
You can see in naka inhabitant of a ward activity center and use of inhabitant of a ward facility of Naka Ward.
We can download from this homepage. → To download page

Documents for request of teacher of nakaku street

If conduct such as courses by teacher of nakaku street is decided; "conduct decision book,"
If conduct such as courses is finished, please submit to "conduct report" onaka inhabitant of a ward activity center.
"Teacher of nakaku street" conduct decision book, conduct report (Excel: 16KB)

Do you not enroll in teacher of anatamonakaku street?

Person (person satisfying all next) who can register

  1. Individual, group which makes use of knowledge and special ability, technique, experience you have in instruction, and can contribute to area.
  2. Individual, group which social education activity includes deep understanding and enthusiasm, and has volunteer spirit.
  3. Person who can participate in related workshops that naka inhabitant of a ward activity center holds.
  4. That is not activity for the purpose of political activity, religious activity, profit.

Flow of registration

  1. You fill in required items on teacher introduction paper of nakaku street and contact naka inhabitant of a ward activity center beforehand, and please bring.

Teacher introduction paper (word: 31KB) of nakaku street
Teacher introduction paper entry example (PDF: 510KB) of nakaku street

  1. We hear at window to confirm whether you correspond to confirmation of documents contents and registration requirements and visit the details or activity contents of concrete instruction experience.
  2. When it becomes registration, we publish in introduction paper onaka inhabitant of a ward activity center homepages.

Registration validity

  • Registration period becomes until March 31, 2022. Registration from the middle is possible during period, too.
  • When you update registration, please resubmit required documents.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (old Adobe Reader) is necessary to open file of Portable Document Format.
Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader DCTo downloading of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

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