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The seventh Thursday, October 10, 2019 Kamoi Station outskirts town development workshop

Last update date December 3, 2019

Around the seventh Kamoi Station town development society

In Kamoi Station outskirts town development society (the laboratory of popular name town) which reached the start 20th anniversary in this year, person thinking about local debut provides place that can play an active part in domain where there is interest. Around around Kamoi Station of JR Yokohama Line, we contribute to town development through cleaning of history walk, park beautification, Kamoi Station and Kamoike Ohashi, holding of Kamoi Station concert (popular name ekikon). Next ekikon is started at 13:00 in Kamoi Station concourse on Sunday, December 15. We have Latin by big band and performance of Christmas song at this time that becomes the 50th in total.
Come by all means.

From all of laboratory of town "wanted to know own gusset which lived, and participated. Gather together, and think that it leads to health to enjoy; "clean, and is doing the snow-removal work of station in winter on every Sunday. Voice to want to clean the town of Kamoi while cooperating with engineering works office in future was asked.
From Kano (karino) of charter member "start was original, and charm around Kamoi Station was incomprehensible. Therefore it moves into action from making of charm map which took in illustration which it is easy to get close to and starts. Work front spread out, and members increased to 78 people now, too. Oneself enjoy one necessary for continuation of activity. That is good for people and, for area, is connected for the future. When nothing is fun, we do not follow. We had to talk saying we want to take in part which became contribution to society in that.
From Hoya (hotani) of representative "woman joins more, and want to allow you to play an active part in future. Future ambition was talked about saying we think that change of generation was problem.

We think that there are many people feeling confusion for local debut. We think that it is fantastic that approach to lower "hurdle of mind" of area debut through activity of "jinseigakusho (result to pitch a camp takes its ease carries), the next generation cram school" which introduces local action various in total to interest domain of the person while participating in event at the laboratory of town is done. We want to think about local debut of inhabitants of a ward together with facilities such as "midorimu" at ward office.
Activity of the laboratory of town becomes model in each area and leads to local attractive dispatch and prays for depending on that the whole Midori Ward is attractive and is fun.

Peaceful round-table conference

Peaceful round-table conference

With all of laboratory of town

With all of laboratory of town

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