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The eighth Tuesday, November 19, 2019 Hidamari

Last update date February 3, 2020

The eighth Hidamari

"Nagatsutaminamidai" lives a lot in active young generation in area developed relatively newly. In addition, "we just moved into, and there is not acquaintance" remains for activity in area for reasons of "busily most work the workplace and home roundtrip" in this generation, and it is thought that there are many people doing not have much. Group called "Hidamari" was formed for the purpose of raising awareness as local resident through events that various generations could interchange by such everybodies.

From Komura (calf) of member of foundation even if "had special abilities such as handmade products in this area, knew that there were many people played an active part in other areas as there was not place that could show, and thought that it was a waste as area. Afterwards, we had to talk about opportunity of group organization saying it was thing very big as place of activity that liberty house was done in area.
"Around four times a year see all, and "they hold stand multi-generation interchange bazaar" as current activity from other members. Wide generations participates in bazaar mainly on child care generation. Particularly, thing with high popularity has sale of handmade work in bazaar. As for all the works, warmth and strong thought of maker are felt. When we explain work to customer, we are apt to do just just long talk as much as thought is strong. However, there was introduction from there saying new "connection with people" may be born.
From Yamaguchi (Yamaguchi) of representative when "began bazaar, spread by word of mouth. As people from branch gathered with nature by word of mouth, it was easy to begin very much. We had you suggest know-how in other areas in "Hidamari", and there was story at the time of foundation from everybody who gathered saying we built up together.
At the end of the talk "become lively place where people gather when sell handmade work, and it is for scene warm brightly suddenly. Thought, we wanted you to know that place that made use of own special ability, and could play an active part was in their areas where we lived in was asked.

In area, there are many groups which people with various special abilities are connected, and work as well as handmade work production. We support such an activity and think that it is administrative role to further raise power that area has. It lasts and will work so that interchange of people becomes active, and people coming to like hometown more increase in Midori Ward.


 See all; stand multi-generation interchange bazaar


 State of round-table conference


 With all of Hidamari

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