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The sixth Saturday, December 22, 2018 Kirigaoka international community (KIC)

Last update date March 13, 2019

The sixth Kirigaoka international community (KIC)

In Kirigaoka area, many Indian everybodies are living now.
Based in Kirigaoka, it is Kirigaoka international community (KIC) that works for town planning to be able to enjoy multicultural symbiosis centering on four of area interchange, Neighborhood Association cooperation, foreign cooperation, student cooperation.

As activity example, we hold around one time a month of various events from aspect of batter (in each other's clothes), meal (product tastes each other's dishes), house (we experience seasonal event) by local interchange and establish opportunity to learn about "disposal procedures" that it is hard to be revealed toward foreign country with it is Neighborhood Association cooperation.
"There is place that can experience multicultural symbiosis in neighborhood from participants which "it is turnout by interchange with Indian everybody in overflow, more livable town in area" even if we do not go to foreign countries. We called "studying in area", and voice that we prayed for participation of more people was asked.
aribu from India which is the central staff again saying "we want to make global environment for it to be to people who can play an active part in job or study even if children live in any country in Japan."
It is fantastic at all to be made an effort for the making of place of exchange where there is contact triggered by pleasant event mutually from imminent place of batter, meal, house.
We were asked about thinking to future activity to "want to make base" "that desired information knew if we went here" by Noba of representative.

To that end, it is important that activity in area further spreads, but there are difficult problems such as leading figure or security of place. Ward office wants to think about what is made together, too.
Kirigaoka area is attractive, and it spreads out for every people from child regardless of elderly person, nationality to be delightful town, and friends increase more, and, by activity of KIC, it prays for activity of greatly developing.

With all of KIC
With all of KIC

Talk with all of KIC

Talk with all of KIC

Tasting party of vegetables tempura

Tasting party of vegetables tempura

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