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Book-reading activities promotion of Midori Ward

Last update date October 5, 2020

We renewed "Midori Ward reading mappu"!

We introduce with facility which can get close to book in Midori Ward close as list.
We publish "the second Midori Ward book-reading activities promotion target" in total.
Including Midori Library and Midori Ward government office, we are distributing in use of inhabitant of a ward facilities in ward.
Please take as way.

※Publication information may be changed for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread.
Please confirm before outing.

About "the second Midori Ward book-reading activities promotion target" of Midori Ward

In Yokohama-shi, "the regulations about promotion of book-reading activities of Yokohama citizen" were enforced in April, 2014.
In addition, "the second Yokohama-shi book-reading activity promotion plan" is devised in December, 2019. 
In the Midori Ward, "the second Midori Ward book-reading activities promotion target" was devised in February, 2020. Your book-reading activities promotion business in ward would be highly appreciated along this aim in future as we can go ahead.

Aim 1: Environment creation which gets close to book from baby to the elderly
 (1) The making of opportunity to get close to book with the whole family
 (2) Encounter with book to begin with baby
 (3) It is made opportunities to get close to in reading to the elderly by young generation
Aim 2: Volunteer upbringing
 (1) Volunteer upbringing and support
 (2) Volunteer interchange
Aim 3: Promotion of book-reading activities at home, school utilized network
 (1) Promotion of book-reading activities in home
 (2) Support to approach in school, kindergarten, child-care facility
Aim 4: Promotion of book-reading activities depending on characteristic of ward
 (1) Promotion of approach depending on local needs
 (2) Promotion of local connection

Midori Ward has "town library"

We wait, and library each brings book together and is "small library of town" to bring up together.
Books wanting to have been owner of book, and book, everybody impressed to read by all means form a line in bookshelf.
You pick up book and write in what you felt at impression card, and attach message to recommended book
Do you not arrange in bookshelf?
About "wait library" (the outside site)

"Town library" in Midori Ward setting facility

Midori Ward social movement support center "midorimu" (Midori Ward Nakayama 4-36-20)
Nagatsuta community care plaza (the outside site) (2-11-2, Nagatsuta, Midori-ku)
All post offices (ten stations) in Midori Ward
Tama Cafe (the outside site) (186, Daimuracho, Midori-ku)
Nagatsuta district center (the outside site) (2327, Nagatsutacho, Midori-ku) ※The playroom
Midori Ward area child care support base "ippo" (the outside site) (817-8, Tookaichibacho, Midori-ku)

Midori Library homepage

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