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Promotion of Reading Activities in Midori Ward

Final update date April 1, 2021

Please use "Midori Ward Reading Map!

We introduce a list of facilities that can be familiar with books in Midori Ward City can familiarize with books.
In addition, "Second Midori Ward's Reading Activity Promotion Goals are also posted.
It is being distributed at Midori Library and Midori Ward City Hall are being distributed at ward residents' facilities in the city.
Please try to pick it up.

※The posted information may be changed to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
Please check before you go out.

About Midori Ward's "Second Midori Ward Reading Activity Promotion Goals

In Yokohama City, the "Ordinance on Promotion of Reading Activities of Yokohama Citizens" was enforced in April 2014.
In December 2019, the "Second Yokohama City Reading Activity Promotion Plan" was formulated. 
In February 2020, Midori Ward Midori Ward City Reading Activity Promotion Goal in February 2020. As we push forward reading activity promotion business in ward along this aim in future, thank you in advance.

Goal 1: Creating a book-friendly environment from babies to the elderly
 (1) Creating opportunities for families to get acquainted with books
 (2) Meeting a book that starts with a baby
 (3) From the young generation to the elderly, create opportunities to get acquainted with reading.
Goal 2: Training of volunteers
 (1) Training and Supporting Volunteers
 (2) Volunteer Exchange
Goal 3: Promotion of reading activities at homes and schools utilizing the network
 (1) Promotion of reading activities at home
 (2) Support for initiatives at schools, kindergartens and childcare facilities
Goal 4: Promotion of reading activities according to the characteristics of the ward
 (1) Promotion of initiatives to meet local needs
 (2) Promotion of local connections

There is a "town library" in Midori Ward

The town library is a "small library in the city" where everyone brings books and raises them together.
On the bookshelf, there are books that the owner of the book was impressed and books that everyone wanted to read.
You also pick up the book, write down what you felt on the impression card, and attach a message to the recommended book.
Why don't you arrange them on the bookshelf?
About "town library" (outside site)

Establishment of "Town Library" in Midori Ward” Facility

Midori Ward Citizens' Activities Support Center "Midorimu" (4-36-20 Nakayama, Midori Ward"
Nagatsuda Community Care Plaza (outside site) (2-11-2, Tsuda, Midori Ward)
All post offices in Midori Ward (10 stations)
Tama Cafe (outside site) (186, Taimura-cho, Midori-ku)
Nagatsuda district center (outside site) (2327, Tsudacho, Midori) ※In the playroom
Midori Ward area child care support base "Ippo (outside site)" (817-8, Tokaichibacho, Midori-ku)

Midori Library website

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