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News of Midori Library

Last update date August 1, 2020

〒226-0025 825-1, Tookaichibacho, Midori-ku, Yokohama-shi
Library is the first floor. Tokaichiba community care plaza and welfare center for the old green are juxtaposition facilities with so faintly.
Telephone: 045-985-6331 fax: 045-985-6333

About the use of Midori Library reading room accompanied with air conditioner repair construction

Midori Library can use only child library room for air conditioner repair construction. Entrance of adult library room is not possible. Period until the end of October it is expected, but may change by term of works.
I apologize to users for the inconvenience very much, but would appreciate your understanding.

News of closed days

Yokohama City Library all the buildings are closed for facility check on Tuesday, August 11.
We would like return of closing Japan in book return box of vertical plank with library.
In schedules such as annual closed days, look at opening time, closed days of Yokohama City Library.


For new coronavirus kansenshokaku ⼤ ⽌-proof measures and air conditioner repair construction, we cancel event between our ⾯ or reduce and we postpone and carry out. We cause all of ri ⽤ ⼤ strange nuisance, but would appreciate your understanding.
Event page (August 1, 2020 update) of Midori Library
We published for August, 2020 in page of bookshelf of this month of Midori Library. (August 1, 2020 update)

News from Yokohama City Library look at Yokohama City Library top page.

Topics of Midori Library

List of topics

Topics article

All ← commemorative projects that Midori Library reached the opening 25th anniversary on May 9, 2020 (June 1, 2020 update) postpone conduct (as for the time, undecided).

On Saturday, May 9, 2020, Midori Library reached the opening 25th anniversary. In commemoration of this native district photo exhibition and Midori Library character of bear parent and child memorialize, and plan business such as distribution of cage (paper). We will tell about conduct contents and time once it's been decided.

19 titles (work) joined reading "CD book" to hear newly. (May 1, 2020 update)

We rent "CD book" which recorded reading of literary work in Midori Ward originally. I receive favorable reception from many people when I can enjoy reading to hear like music. Do you not hear book which you liked, book which you wanted to read by reading?
19 titles (work) increased in May, 2020 and became 125 titles (work) in total.
The rental title (work) number of one is to 3 titles (work). Come to Midori Library so that the use which we heard let alone person whom there is not so far still finds pleasure of new reading.
As for the list of possession titles, please see page of CD book.

Do you know? "Midori Ward book-reading activities promotion target" (May 1, 2020 update)

In Yokohama-shi, "the regulations about promotion of book-reading activities of Yokohama citizen" were enforced in April, 2014. In addition, "the second Yokohama-shi book-reading activity promotion plan" is devised in December, 2019. In the Midori Ward, "the second Midori Ward book-reading activities promotion target" was devised in February, 2020.
For more details, please see page of "book-reading activities promotion of Midori Ward" of Midori Ward government office.

We look forward to the use. "Wait library" of Midori Ward (Midori Ward book-reading activities promotion business) (April 9, 2020 update)

"Town library" is small libraries of town that citizen's all of you each bring book and bring up in all of you.
Midori Ward has the town of 14 places library. Setting place is midorimu (Midori Ward social movement support center), Nagatsuta community care plaza, Nagatsuta district center, all post offices (ten stations) in Midori Ward, Tama Cafe (Daimuracho, Midori-ku).
Book in "town library" gains introduction message of book by person whom he/she donated. Do you not meet various people through book?

Receiving a prize result of the 21st library synthesis exhibition "the fifth library character grand prix" was announced. (January 1, 2020 update)

It was library-related, and the nation's largest event, library synthesis exhibition were started on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 in Pacifico-yokohama until Thursday on 14th. Bear parent and child participated in the library character grand prix in here Midori Library character. Each prize was announced in December, 2019, and unfortunately we missed prize regrettably this time, but the whole country was able to publicize bear parent and child. I would like support of bear parent and child in future.
As for the list of receiving a prize of character who participated in the fifth library character Grand Prix, please see page (the outside site) of all the 21st library synthesis exhibition library character grand prix receiving a prize results.

Midori Library won the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology commendation of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology "book-reading activities excellent practice school, library, group (individual) of 2019 child". (May 1, 2019 update)

Approach to elementary school student service for many years was accepted, and Midori Library was commended as "book-reading activities excellence practice school, library, group of 2019 children" by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. "They set green leaves free, and 1 group of feh stay bar executive committee" was chosen elsewhere "Enokigaoka Elementary School" and two schools of "Susukino Junior High School" in Yokohama-shi.
Commendation ceremony was held in the national Olympics memory young people synthesis center (3-1, Yoyogikamizonocho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) on Monday, April 23, 2019.
For superior school, library, group (individual) practicing with characteristic, we are full of the practice and commend the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to contribute to more promotion of book-reading activities in Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in every year.

Work of Midori Library entrance monument by Yokohama wound Masaru Hanabusa studies was replaced. (February 21, 2019 update)

Monument of Midori Library door which students of Yokohama wound Masaru Hanabusa studies produced in commemoration of the Midori Library opening 20th anniversary of 2015 is replaced with panel new regularly by hand of teacher and students and pleases eyes of visited various places.
Title of work replaced on February 21, 2019 is "we are moved when body moves". It is sumi and avant-garde panel using Pastel. Please appreciate modern coloration and work with line that thought of students learning childcare overflowed after visit.
Facture is introduced on homepage of Yokohama wound Masaru Hanabusa studies. Look at page (the outside site) of Yokohama wound Masaru Hanabusa studies by all means.

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