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About water meter

This page is about maintenance of water meter.

Final update date July 17, 2020

Role of water meter

Water meters are important "measuring instruments" that are the basis for calculating water rates.
Since the amount of water used measured by the water meter is used for transactions or certifications with customers, standards are set by the "Measurement Law" to ensure proper measurement.
The validity period of the water meter is eight years after passing the test.
In Water Works Bureau City systematically replaces it before the expiration of this certification validity period.

<Validation period>
Until May 2028
(At the top of the meter lid)

About replacement of water meter

Notice of replacement

The Water Works Bureau will inform you in advance when the water meter installed in your home has reached the time of replacement due to the expiration of the validity period.
News of replacement of water meter informs customers using water supply by "news postcard" or "news leaflet".

Postcard image
<Sample> Notice postcard (for detached houses)

※Some customers living in condominiums may be notified by "news postcard" instead of "news leaflet".

Please note that the replacement of the water meter will be replaced even if you are absent.
If there is a problem with the replacement due to absence or if you wish to change the schedule, please contact the contracted construction company listed on the notice postcard.

installer of meter replacement

Replacement of water meter is performed by contract construction company contracted with Water Works Bureau. The contracted construction company (worker) wears an identification card issued by Water Works Bureau's ID card and the armband of a water meter replacement worker.

Image of ID
<Sample>Worker ID

Request from Water Works Bureau'

If an obstacle is placed around the water meter, meter reading and replacement are not possible.
Do not place your car or luggage on the water meter.

Figure of cause of trouble
cause of trouble

Precautions after water meter replacement

After replacing the water meter, turbid water or air may come out of the faucet.
Turbid water and air may cause equipment to break down. After replacement, drain the turbid water thoroughly with a faucet and use the equipment.
In addition, in the hot water mixed faucet, please drain on the water side.

Request for improvement of water pipes

Replacement of the water meter in a state where the water pipe before and after the water meter is aging due to corrosion may cause water leakage.
In particular, if water leaks in the pipe space of an apartment, etc., the lower floor may be flooded.
In order to avoid such an accident, we may stop replacing the water meter and ask customers to improve some of the water pipes. We ask for your understanding and cooperation.
In addition, the cost related to the construction of the water supply pipe will be borne by the customer.

Example of Improvements
Examples of requests for improvement

About appropriate management of water meter

The "Yokohama City Water Supply Ordinance" asks customers to properly manage water meters installed by Water Works Bureau's (user or owner of water supply) so that they are not lost or damaged.
<Excerpt from Yokohama City Water Ordinance>
(Obligation to manage water supply equipment)
Article 17 The user or owner must manage the water supply equipment with due care so that tap water is not contaminated or leaked.
2 Employers or owners must observe the following:
(2) Do not install building, public establishment or article which becomes obstacle of inspection, inspection or repair of meter in the setting place.
(Installation of meter)
Article 22 Meters shall be installed by the city and kept by the user or owner.
If the custodian of the 4 meter loses or damages the meter installed by the city due to reasons attributable to the responsibilities, the administrator may compensate for the damage.

For inquiries about water supply, please contact Water Works Bureau Customer Service Center.

Water Works Bureau Customer Service Center

Telephone: 045-847-6262 Fax: 045-848-4281
※Please be careful not to make a mistake.

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Telephone: 045-671-30699

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