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Examination of water result

Last update date February 24, 2021

About examination of water

We confirm that tap water to send to customer by examination of water adapts to standard of water of the water supply method. In Yokohama-shi, we examine water in not only feed cock (faucet) required as place of examination of water but also doorway of water purification plant and water source.

Examination of water result

Examination of water result of monthly feed cock and water purification plant is divided for each seat of Excel workbook.
The number of times (frequency) of inspection is different for each place of inspection and item. For more information about place, item of examination of water, the number of times of inspection, please refer to examination of water plan.

Feed cock (faucet)

Water purification plant

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Water Works Bureau customer Service Center

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Telephone: 045-371-5656

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