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About revision of water rate

We revise water rate from July 1, 2021. We raise by 12% and change fee structure on the average. In addition, there are no water rate and revision of sewerage system usage fee having payment in total.

Last update date December 18, 2020

Please inform this of inquiry about revision of water rate.
In addition, please refer in addition as you publish "common question" (FAQ) about water rate revision in web page.

Dial for exclusive use of Yokohama-shi water rate revision

Telephone: 045-849-6128 (8:30-17:15, days including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

Period We establish from February 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022

Reason of revision

Deterioration advances because we maintained water purification plant and distributing reservoir, most of water supply facilities including water pipe for the rapid economic growth period, and there is update in the necessary situation. In addition, it is necessary to push forward earthquake resistance to minimize damage of earthquake disaster.
On the other hand, trend toward decreases has water rate income, and rate income is in a severer situation when population will decrease in future.
We will push forward thorough management effort as Water Works Bureau in future, but revise water rate to be safe, and to send high quality tap water to citizens for the future.

Contents of rate revision

We raise water rate by 12% on the average. In addition, we transfer fee structure to fee structure according to diameter.

Old and new contrast list of main change
Change item

It is fee structure until June 30, 2021 (former)

It is fee structure from July 1, 2021 (newly)Contents
Base rateUses (flat 790 yen/month)DiametersWe assume base rate depending on diameter of meter.
Sub-quantity rateUsesDiametersWe assume sub-quantity rate that we set every diameter of meter.
Basic quantity of water8㎥ (one month)The abolitionWe assume base rate and sub-quantity rate (for quantity of water that we used) system to be expected to pay.

Shift to fee structure according to diameter

We maintain facility of scale that accepted water supply to be required so that citizen's all of you can use tap water in Water Works Bureau anytime and are doing maintenance. In addition, when we use much water at a time, we install meter of big diameter, and diameter of meter sets according to use quantity of water of customer. It shifts to base rate that accepted diameter of water meter from base rate of flat 790 yen/month and "fee structure according to diameter" to do now to have you bear expense required for maintenance and maintenance of facility according to available quantity of water every diameter. In addition, about sub-quantity rate, we set every diameter.

(confirmation of diameter of water meter)
We display meter diameter of customer on the surface of "announcement of use of water supply, sewer quantity of water" (inspection of a meter vote). Please confirm.

Inspection of a meter vote 62 Japan Red Cross frame

(a) Diameter (in the case of this sample, it is 20mm) of meter
(i) This time use quantity of water
(u) Water rate (July 1, 2021 revision)
(e) Sewerage system usage fee (there is not revision)

The abolition of basic quantity of water

Current rate includes basic quantity of water of 8㎥ in base rate in one month, and, as for within 8㎥, rate becomes flat regardless of quantity of water. We abolish basic quantity of water to do with plain fee structure with fairness to be expected to pay rate according to use quantity of water after the rate revision.

New list of charges (for one month)

List of charges ② (tax-excluded centering)

Water rate measures use quantity of water by inspection of a meter every two months and calculates. As for the water rate for two months, please see "confirmation method of water rate".

Time of revision

New fee structure is applied from July 1, 2021. (there is no revision of sewerage system usage fee.)

[from before June 30, 2021 in the case of use]
As for "the customer of odd month inspection of a meter, water rate with new list of charges is applied to "customer of even month inspection of a meter after inspection of a meter in October" like the next table September".

Period indication

[when we start use after July 1, 2021]
Water rate with new list of charges is applied after the first inspection of a meter.

Confirmation method of water rate

Water rate, sewerage system usage fee chart (from July, 2021)

[list of charges according to two months diameter]
"Diameter 13mm" (PDF: 385KB)
"Diameter 20mm" (PDF: 397KB)
"Diameter 25mm" (PDF: 397KB)
"Diameter 40mm" (publish for each 10㎥) (PDF: 392KB)
"Diameter 50mm" (publish for each 25㎥) (PDF: 392KB)
"Diameter 75mm" (publish for each 25㎥) (PDF: 393KB)
"Diameter 100mm" (publish for each 50㎥) (PDF: 390KB)
"Diameter 150mm" (publish for each 100㎥) (PDF: 390KB)
"Diameter 200mm" (publish for each 200㎥) (PDF: 389KB)
"Diameter 250mm" (publish for each 200㎥) (PDF: 389KB)
※When table does not have use quantity of water for two months, please use calculating formula on the back of the list of charges.

[rate calculation list for one month, two months public bath]
"Rate calculation list for public bath" (PDF: 129KB)
※We can calculate water rate, sewerage system usage fee of for "one month" or "two months minute".

[one month water rate, sewerage system usage fee calculation list]
"Water rate, sewerage system usage fee calculation list for one month" (PDF: 257KB)
※We can calculate water rate, sewerage system usage fee of "one month share".

Calculation tool

"Water rate simple calculation tool" (the outside site)
We can estimate new water rate to become revision with "water rate simple calculation tool" from July 1, 2021.

Calculation method

Water rate measures use quantity of water by inspection of a meter every two months. Therefore, we add up rate every one month and, with use quantity of water for 2 months as 1/2, calculate water rate for two months.
[example: in diameter 20mm, two months in the case of use quantity of water 30㎥]
With use quantity of water 30㎥ for two months as 1/2, we calculate for using 15㎥ in 15㎥, the second month in the first month.

Table for calculation

(first month +2 or the moon eyes) X consumption tax = water rate
(1,858 yen +1,858 yen) X 1.1 = 4,087 yen (less than 1 yen cutting off)
※We divide into 15㎥ and 16㎥ and calculate when use quantity of water for two months is 31㎥ (we calculate equally when use quantity of water is odd number)
※Water rate adds minute with sewerage system usage fee for principle two months and is expected to pay.

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