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The 7th Yokohama Housing Policy Council

Final update date May 13, 2021


We hold the seventh housing policy council first specialized sectional meeting.
(1)Date and time: Thursday, May 27, 2021 from 10:00 am to 12:00 am
(2)Meeting format: WEB Conference
(3)About hearing
The plenary session will only be held on the web from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
If you would like to observe, please apply from the following [Electronic Application System] by 17:00 on Friday, May 21.

Press release

Committee list (as of April 30, 2021)

The seventh Yokohama-shi housing policy council committee list



Occupation, etc.



Toshiharu Ikaga

Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University

Building Environment
2Emiko Ishikawa

Yokohama Marine Law Office (Yokohama Bar Association) Lawyer


Professor Emeritus of Keio University

Urban and Housing Policy

Vice Chairman of Kanagawa Prefectural Housing Lots and Buildings Business Association

Real estate, residential land and buildings

Chairman of Committee on Housing & Architecture / Urban Development / Road & Highway Yokohama City Council

Yokohama City Council Representative
6Hiroko Saito

Professor, International Liberal Arts Department, Yokohama City University

Real estate management
7Noriko Shibata

Director of Nonprofit Organization Raku

Elderly and Welfare
8Shigeo TakahashicitizenOpen call for participants committee
9Minoru Takamizawa

Professor, Yokohama National University Graduate School

City planning


Hirotoshi TanabecitizenOpen call for participants committee
11Moriya Makoto

Housing Planning Division, Kanagawa Prefectural Land Development Bureau

Government agencies
12Ken Yamashita

Kanagawa Area Management Department, Urban Renaissance Agency, East Japan Rental Housing Division
General Manager

Public institutions

(The title is omitted, in alphabetical order)

Deliberation History

Council and Special Committee
Meeting held Date Public/Private Deliberations Materials Outline of the proceedings
The first council Friday, April 30, 2021 Public release
  1. About Yokohama-shi house life basic plan
  2. About situation surrounding housing, living environment of Yokohama-shi
  3. Recognition of issues to be reviewed and direction of study

・As soon as possible (PDF: 83KB)
・Document 1 Committee List, Secretary List, Secretariat List (PDF: 143KB)
・Document 2 Advisory Form (PDF: 103KB)
・Document 3 How to proceed with the 7th Yokohama City Housing Policy Council (PDF: 247KB)
・Document 4 About Yokohama-shi house life basic plan (PDF: 652KB)
・Progress (PDF: 343KB) of result index of document 5 Yokohama-shi house life basic plan
・Document 6 The situation surrounding the housing and living environment in Yokohama City (Attraction and current situation (PDF: 2,362KB)
・Document 7 Thought (plan) about revision of Yokohama-shi house life basic plan (PDF: 233KB)
・Document 8 Issues of examination for review of the Yokohama City Basic Plan for Living Life (PDF: 242KB)
・Document 9 (Reference) Situation surrounding the housing and living environment of Yokohama City (collection of materials) (PDF: 3,344KB)
・Document 10 (Reference) Outline of the New Basic Plan for Living Life (National Plan) (PDF: 589KB)
・Document 11 (reference) Yokohama-shi housing policy council regulations (PDF: 107KB)
・Document 12 (reference) Yokohama-shi housing policy council administration summary (PDF: 105KB)

(In preparation)

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