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Destruction by fire factory

Last update date December 22, 2020

About garbage destruction by fire factory

For solution to issue of garbage, it is important to promote outbreak restraint and reuse, exploitation of resources of garbage, but, on the other hand, is maintenance of various economic activities of city and maintenance of citizen's living environment, facility which, moreover, is essential for utilization of inning disposal ground, effective collection, transportation.
Four destruction by fire factories are in Yokohama-shi now.

The factory tour

We can observe destruction by fire factory if you can apply beforehand.
The details, please identify page of factory which they wish to observe.

We can confirm summary of factory with video and animation from the Internet top.

You can look at part which is not readily seen with picture or animation by visit.

Data of factory

Maintenance record vote

Other data

Removal construction of past destruction by fire facilities

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