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Recycle paper

Last update date December 17, 2020

Recycle paper

How to put out of "recycle paper"

Give in local recyclables collection of area to live. (when you do not know collection day, please refer to Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau office of each ward.)
※We can take out "recycle paper" on rainy day.

Type and how to put out recycle paper
TypeHow to put out

You make four fold, and please tie up with string in a mass.


Magazine, other paper

Weekly, comic book, specialized magazine, book, encyclopedia, textbook, catalogue
Please tie up with string in a mass.


※You remove cover except product made in paper such as appendix and skin and cloth, vinyl except product made in paper, and please provide as "burnable garbage".

Other paper
Paper box, receipt, paper bags such as paper, cake which we made wrapping paper, brochure, memo pad, shredder
Paper except "newspaper" "magazine" "corrugated cardboard" "paper pack"
We put in the paper bag (when there is not transparence that we can confirm clearly of the contents or semitransparent bag), and we tie up with string, and the contents, please do not appear.

Other paper

Because next may affect recycling,
Please provide as "burnable garbage" without providing for "recycle paper".
Heat-sensitive foaming paper (paper which swells when we heat up to use for Braille)
Dirty paper (used tissue, box of pizza)
Aluminum foil, the inside pack aluminum * rino,

The back carbon paper, textile printing paper (iron print papers),

Paper container of pot noodle, paper container of yoghurt ice cream,
Paper container of detergent, individual wrapping paper of soap

Corrugated cardboard

Please tie up with string by folding.

Corrugated cardboard

※Thing and wax thing which was processed which were coated with aluminum to "burnable garbage"
※Remove adhesive tape; and to "burnable garbage"

Paper pack

・You wash in water and open up, and please dry.
・Please tie up with string with size together.

Milk pack

※The inside to aluminum * rinomonoha "burnable garbage"

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