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Used cloth

Last update date December 17, 2020

Used cloth

How to put out of "used cloth"

Io (we introduce in the left)

Give in local recyclables collection of area to live. (when you do not know collection day, please refer to Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau office of each ward.)
※We cannot take out "used cloth" on rainy day!

  • You are washed, and you put dry thing in the transparent or semitransparent bag which the contents can identify clearly, and give. Please do not put in the paper bags.
  • Take out used cloth not to get wet. Please do not take out used cloth on rainy day.
    As used cloth getting wet cannot do reuse,
    Do you have you provide on the next collection day?"Collection box for recyclables"Please use equal ogo.
  • You confirm the contents of pocket well, and give so that alien substance does not get mixed with used cloth.
    When alien substance gets mixed, we affect reuse.
  • Carpet, mattress, futon are inapplicable. → To "oversized garbage" (as for the thing that fold, and is less than 50cm"Burnable garbage"Pass)
  • Please do not provide thing affecting reuse such as dirty thing, torn thing→"Burnable garbage"Pass

※As "used cloth" collects even collection box for recyclables and center recycling, please use.

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