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Separation, how to put out garbage and resources

Last update date December 13, 2019

We collect in city
ColorItems of the same color are collected on the same day. The details of each item, please click image.

Burnable garbage

Non-burnable garbage

Dry cell

Spray can

Cans, bottles, PET bottles

Small metal

Containers and packaging made of plastic

Oversized garbage

The body of animal

We collect in area

Recycle paper

Used cloth

We cannot collect in cityThe details of each item, please click image.
Household appliances recyclingPCIs hard to handle; things

Of recyclable garbage bring in directly, and collectSmall household appliances iomio

Collection box for recyclablesKonan resource recovery centerCollection of ink cartridge

It is permanent resource recovery base established in ward office, district center.
Object: Newspaper, magazine, other paper, paper pack, cloth


It is facility where we can bring recyclable garbage taken out by family including newspaper and old clothes into directly.
Object: Newspaper, magazine, corrugated cardboard, paper pack, cloth, can, bottle


We collect ink cartridge of six printer makers in facility of city.


Center recyclingRecycle paper opening yardSmall household appliances recycling

It is base collection of recyclable garbage which Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau office of each ward enforces.
Object: Newspaper, magazine, other paper
Corrugated cardboard, paper pack, used cloth
Containers and packaging made of plastic


chokusetsujikomi can make recycle paper occurring from home into.
Object: Newspaper, magazine, corrugated cardboard, paper pack


We collect small home appliances in exclusive box installing in ward offices.
Object: We enter slit of 30cm *15cm,
Product which works by electricity, battery less than 30cm in length


Local recyclables collection

It is citizen's group (conduct group) and collections of recyclable garbage which resource recovery supplier carries out such as Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations. Object: Paper, cloth, metal kind, bottles
Article which is targeted for local recyclables collection


Management of accumulation place

  • Prevention of dispersion due to crow or cat,
    ・We keep collection day and time
    ・We utilize container with dispersion prevention net and cover
    ・We let kitchen garbage decrease and are effective.
  • About movement of accumulation place,Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau office of each wardPlease consult with this.


We can download garbage and public information thing about separation, how to put out recyclable garbage.
How to Put Out Your Garbage and Recyclables(Pamphlet & Leaflet)

Rule of how to put out to accumulation place

  • Please provide by 8:00 a.m. of collection daily allowance day (please do not provide after night and the collection on the day before.) .
  • There is no designated bag in Yokohama-shi. You put in the semitransparent bag for each item, and please provide (but please confirm small metal, recycle paper, non-burnable garbage in each applicable page.) .

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