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Examine garbage separation

Final update date February 17, 2021

Find out in "Eo's garbage collection by category at the bottom left of this page!)

"Eo's garbage collection by category" is a service that guides disposal procedures in a conversation format using AI. Let's ask EO about disposal procedures!

Search by garbage collection by category search system "MIctionary"

check with the app

In "Yokohama garbage collection by category App allows you to easily use "Mixury" and "Eo's garbage collection by category. In addition, garbage collection day can be reflected in the built-in calendar. It is a convenient tool full of information about garbage separation.

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Check on LINE

The Yokohama LINE official account allows you to find out how to sort, and you can make inquiries and applications regarding oversized garbage City.

Check out pamphlets

We can download public information thing about how to separate and put out garbage and recyclable garbage.

About garbage discharged from establishment

The rules for separating garbage discharged from business establishments are different from garbage discharged from homes.
In addition, please request collection from supplier with permission to do not collect in Yokohama-shi.
About separation method of garbage discharged from establishment, please confirm how to separate garbage and resources of business garbage.

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Telephone: 045-671-35933

Telephone: 045-671-35933

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