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Progress of Minato Mirai 21 Infrastructure Development

Final update date April 1, 2021

Aerial image of Minato Mirai 21 district

Business related to infrastructure development
Business name
(Facility name)
Business OverviewProgress and Progress
Land lot
Arrangement business

Enforcement: Urban Renaissance Agency (formerly Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation)
Enforcement area: about 101.8ha
Enforcement period: 1983-2010 (including 5 years of liquidation period)
Total operating expenses: \176.6 billion

Project completed in March 2011

Landfill business

Landfill area (city enforcement) approximately 73.9ha

About 99% completed
Shinko District
Completed March 1998
Port development

Aka Renga Park (Red Brick Warehouse Park) from Rinko Park (Seaside Park)

We are developing basic facilities such as road green spaces for areas outside the land readjustment project area and the Shinko area in the central district.

Rinko Park (Seaside Park)
Started operation in March 1989
Kisha-Michi Promenade
Start of operation in July 1997
Cup Noodle Museum Park
Start of service in April 2001
Aka Renga Park (Red Brick Warehouse Park)
Start of service in April 2002

The harbor arterial roads are being maintained (some are in service).

Street business

"Minato Mirai Ohashi Bridge, Kitanaka-bashi Bridge, to strengthen communication between Minato Mirai 21 and surrounding areas, "Sakuragicho Overpass and Noge Chikamichi have been improved.

Minato Mirai Ohashi Bridge
Start of operation in July 1997
Kitanaka-bashi Bridge
Start of operation in July 1997
Sakuragicho Overpass
Completed July 1997 project
Start of service in April 1999


Maintenance business

In the basement of the arterial road, a tunnel that houses water, electricity, telephone, gas, regional cooling and heating, etc. is laid to form a safe and comfortable urban space.

Completed in 2003
Total length: 7.0km

(Including port development projects)


Moving Walkway

As a comfortable access route from Sakuragicho Station to Nippon-Maru Memorial Park and Landmark Plaza Shopping Center. We have developed a pedestrian passage equipped with Moving Walkway equipment.
The roof is equipped with a solar power generation system, which is used for power and lighting in Moving Walkway's power and lighting.

Started operation in March 1989
(Extension: 230m, width: 12m)

Moving Walkway

Photovoltaic power generation system
Start of operation in April 2009

Of public sewer to maintain in land readjustment project area, we maintain sewer pipe more than fixed pipe diameter.

Completed July 2007
multipurpose open space
(Yoyo Square
Cross Patio)

As the center of the bustle, we have set up a intersection of "Grand Mall Axis" and "Queen Axis".

Seismic circulation water tank

Underground, an earthquake-resistant circulation water tank is installed.

Second floor (Yoyo Square)
Start of operation in July 1993
Cross patio, etc.
Opened in July 1997

Yoyo Square

Grand Mall

As a vast open space that also serves as a pedestrian path and creates the bustle of the Minato Mirai 21 district, it has been maintained on the Grand Mall axis.

Completed October 1999
※Under renewal
Open in the spring of 2018

Grand Mall Park

Takashima Chuo

This park is located in the center of the king axis.
It has been developed as a space where users can relax, moisturize and work.

Start of operation in July 2007

Takashima Chuo Koen

Takashima Waterfront Line

This park is located along Katabira River is a park
It is directly connected to a waterfront promenade (promenade) starting from National Route 1 tsukijibashi Bridge has been developed as a city park in a new waterfront.

Start of operation in May 2011

Takashima Waterfront Park

Urban waste

Efficiently collect garbage in the district by pipelines laid in the common ditch.

April, 1991

System Operation Starts

Ekimae Space

As a gateway to the Minato Mirai 21 district, we are promoting greening and creating a space where events can be used in order to improve the comfort and convenience of visitors.

Sakuragicho-sta. Pedestri
Start of operation in March 2001
Ekimae Square
Start of operation in March 2002
Partial renovation completed in March 2013

Sakuragicho-sta. Square

Takashima intersection

At the National Highway No. 1 Takashima Intersection, it is possible to turn right from Hodogaya and Tozuka to Minato Mirai 21 districts, to improve the convenience of visitors, reduce traffic congestion around the area, and strengthen communication with the surrounding existing urban area. , The location and shape of the intersection have been changed.

Completed maintenance in March 2004

As a new gateway connecting the Yokohama Station East Exit District and the Minato Mirai 21 Central District to enhance the convenience, safety and migratory properties of visitors to the Minato Mirai 21 District and promote the development of blocks around Shin-Takashima Station , A pedestrian bridge was developed.

Start of operation in July 2009

Hamamirai Walk

Takashima 2-chome

In order to improve the convenience and safety of the pedestrian space from the Yokohama Station Minami passage area, a pedestrian bridge that crosses National Route 1 from the king axis, which is the main pedestrian axis in the area, and connects to the Takashima 2-chome area And strengthened the communication of the pedestrian network with the Yokohama Station Minami passage area.

Operation started in August 2008.

Takashima 2-chome Pedestrian Bridge


This is a part of a pedestrian network connecting Yokohama Station and Minato Mirai 21 Chuo District, and is a pedestrian deck that crosses Minato Mirai Odori. From Yokohama Station side, we are strengthening the continuity of pedestrian traffic lines to King axis and Grand Mall axis.

Start of operation in March 2010
March 2013 Roof installation completed

Minatomirai sidewalk bridge

Related businesses

Regional cooling and heating systems
Business nameBusiness OverviewProgress and Progress
District heating and cooling

We will intensively manufacture the necessary heat and cold heat in the area, operate energy efficiently, and contribute to energy conservation.
- Business entity: Minato Mirai 21 Heat Supply Co., Ltd.

Heat supply started in April 1989
April, 1994
Expansion of plant facilities
June, 1997
Operation of the second plant in the 24 block

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