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Yokohama-shi scenery vision

Last update date April 25, 2019

... that the making of ... scenery costs Yokohama wealthily

 "Yokohama-shi scenery vision" is guideline of the making of scenery which stands in long-term field of vision, and shows unusual history and culture, idea which valued the formation, water and green of attractive cityscape by the making of scenery of Yokohama-shi including cool town development and directionality that you should aim at for each area.
 Scenery formed so far is individual charm of Yokohama and becomes important element of "quality of Yokohama". Which "we want to live" will aim at rich Yokohama where which "we want to work" thinks, "it wants to come" in future, and citizen, company, administration cooperates each other and promotes the making of scenery powerfully without cease.

We revised "Yokohama-shi scenery vision"!

As guideline of the making of scenery which should aim at "Yokohama-shi scenery vision" in the making of scenery of Yokohama-shi, and stood in long-term field of vision, and showed directionality, we devised triggered by the scenery method establishment in 2004 in 2006.
We revised that ten years passed from development and coped with turn of eventss to surround the making of scenery.

Yokohama-shi scenery vision downloading data

About process of vision revision

 In revision of scenery vision, we pushed forward examination while hearing about opinion from the deliberation and citizens in council for Yokohama-shi beautiful cityscape measures.

Process of scenery vision revision
August 28, 2015Council for the 119th Yokohama-shi beautiful cityscape measures…About process of revision
March 29, 2016Council for the 120th Yokohama-shi beautiful cityscape measures…About directionality of revision policy, the revision main point
September 8, 2016Council for the 121st Yokohama-shi beautiful cityscape measures…About administrative approach policy
March 30, 2017Council for the 122nd Yokohama-shi beautiful cityscape measures…About directionality made with scenery every area about basic way of thinking made with scenery
September 12, 2017Council for the 123rd Yokohama-shi beautiful cityscape measures…About modified policy, practice making of overall constitution
March 7, 2018Council for the 124th Yokohama-shi beautiful cityscape measures…About modified point
July 13, 2018Council for the 125th Yokohama-shi beautiful cityscape measures…About plan of draft
From October 3, 2018 to October 17Revision draft public announcement, civic opinion offer
March 28, 2019Scenery vision revision

About civic opinion offer

 We carried out civic opinion offer to let you reflect opinion of citizen's all of you on revision.
  Press release material (PDF: 211KB)
  Yokohama-shi scenery vision (revision draft) (PDF: 10,849KB)
  Citizen opinion offer leaflet (PDF: 850KB)
(1) Implementation period
  From Wednesday, October 3, 2018 to Wednesday, October 17
(2) Conduct result
  The number of the presenters: The number of 21 opinions: 68 cases
(3) Way of thinking of Motoichi for opinion submitted to and opinion
  About conduct result of civic opinion offer for "Yokohama-shi scenery vision" (revision draft) (PDF: 318KB)

[reference] Scenery vision at the beginning of H18 age

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