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About Zero Carbon Yokohama logo mark

Last update date May 11, 2020

About Zero Carbon Yokohama

 Yokohama-shi assumes "greenhouse gas substance discharge zero (decarbonization) to 2050" aiming warming measures of Motoichi (goal) and uses "Zero Carbon Yokohama" as words to express that. It is difficult on extension line of the present approach, and it concentrates wisdom to realize this figure to aim at, and it is necessary to investigate solution by innovation of technique, economy society system lifestyle to the maximum. Yokohama-shi supports effort of citizen and company for such an innovation.

About Zero Carbon Yokohama logo mark

 "Hama wing" (wind-power plant), "Y" of Yokohama is logo mark that put the sea which is "0" and symbol of Yokohama of zero carbon together. 

Fundamental principle about use of Zero Carbon Yokohama logo mark

 When person except Yokohama-shi uses Zero Carbon Yokohama logo mark, after checking fundamental principle, please send use report to the following contact information.
 In addition, we may call for a halt to use when usage violates fundamental principle clearly.

Fundamental principle (PDF: 265KB) about use of Zero Carbon Yokohama logo mark
Use report (word: 19KB)

◆Contact information
 Yokohama-shi Climate Change Policy Headquarters adjustment section
 Charge: Yoshida, *den
 TEL 045-671-2623 FAX 045-663-5110
 E-mail [email protected]

Logo mark downloading

You download logo mark from this (file: 7,392KB), and please use.

In use, please refer to "installation guide line" in zip file.
Please feel free to contact to the contact information mentioned above if you have any questions about usage.

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Telephone: 045-671-2622

Fax: 045-663-5110

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