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Dispatch of lecturer at Hamafudo concierge

In Yokohama City, for the purpose of promoting local production for local consumption, we dispatch instructors of local production for local consumption, "Hamafudo Concierge," to organizations that plan courses related to local production for local consumption.

Final update date April 21, 2021

If you are certified by the Hamafu Pado Concierge and wish to register as a lecturer, please see the information on instructor registration.

Course requirements to be dispatched

In contents that citizen deepens understanding about agriculture and local production for local consumption in the city or contents that lead to use promotion of city-produced agricultural and livestock products, we dispatch lecturer for courses meeting the next course requirements and common standard .

<Course requirements>
  Types of courses Contents and dispatch standards
1 Cooking class using agricultural and livestock products produced in the city

Cooking class using city-produced agricultural and livestock products held in the city
(Dispatch criteria)
・Use one or more agricultural and livestock products (excluding processed products) from the city as ingredients.
・More than 10 participants are expected.
・The time is expected to be more than 90 minutes.
・Conduct a preliminary meeting with the city and the instructor in charge.

2 Lectures and lectures on local production for local consumption Lectures and lectures on local production for local consumption held in the city
(Dispatch criteria)
・More than 30 participants are expected.
・The time is expected to be more than 90 minutes.
・Conduct a preliminary meeting with the city and the instructor in charge.
※If you wish to dispatch one of the instructors in multiple consecutive courses, the relevant course must be expected to be at least 90 minutes. If you wish to dispatch a lecturer through all consecutive courses, the total time of all courses is expected to be 90 minutes or more (all times are considered as one time).
※Classes at schools are not limited to time and number of students, but are subject to dispatch if classes are conducted in one or more classes.

<Common Standards>
・Actively publicize on flyers and websites, and recruit participants (excluding classes at school).
・Applications by the same sponsoring organization are limited to three times a year.

For expenses such as ingredients, textbooks, transportation expenses, etc. necessary for holding the course, please consult with the instructor.

Planning organizations that can request dispatch

①Citizens' use facilities such as district centers and community care plazas
②Educational institutions such as schools located in the city
③We establish main activity base in the city and are citizen's group, public interest corporation with public nature, public interest

necessary/required procedures Concerning Dispatch

Prior consultation and application method

Please contact the contact below at least two months before the scheduled date to arrange the instructor's schedule and make a preliminary meeting. We will introduce it according to the contents of the plan and adjust the schedule with the instructor.
In addition, please submit required documents City at the time of the next application should be submitted approximately one month before the scheduled date of the course.
<required documents at the time of application>
Lecturer dispatch application (word: 23KB)
②Documents showing the details of the applicant's activities

Report after course implementation

Please submit required documents at the time of the next report should be submitted within 14 days after the courses
<Reporting required documents>
Implementation report (word: 22KB) such as lectures
②Items that show the status of implementation of the project (photos, participant lists, etc.)

Guidance about lecturer registration (to people of Hamafupado concierge)

When there is consultation about dispatch of lecturer from group planning lecture and cooking class about local production for local consumption, we are authorized as Hamafudo concierge and dispatch one having lecturer registration as lecturer.
Therefore, we are looking for concierges who can register the contents of cooking classes, lectures and lectures.

Application Guidelines

By dispatching the Mafu Pado Concierge as a lecturer to organizations that are planning to hold lectures and cooking classes related to local production for local consumption, we will increase the opportunities for the activities of the Hamafudo Concierge and cooperate with various actors Promote local production for local consumption further.

Registration requirements
  1. Accredited by the Hamafudo Concierge
  2. The course is not for political, religious, or commercial purposes.
  3. In dispatching instructors, cooperate with the city's public relations
Lecturer registration method

After filling out required items City in the following "Lecturer Registration Form", and be sure to send it by e-mail to the Agricultural Promotion Division Concierge Lecturer Dispatch Section, and contact us by telephone.
[Please submit a lecturer registration form for each type of course. ]
Lecturer registration vote (word: 23KB)
Lecturer registration form entry example (PDF: 256KB)

Lecturer registration period

March 31, 2022
If you wish to continue updating, we will confirm your intention every year.

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